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20 Best Korean Instagram Influencers to Follow

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Korean Instagram Influencers to Follow

Hey, did you know that Instagram is super popular in South Korea? It's a go-to platform for many Koreans to show off their unique style, check out new trends, and connect with other users. Instagram also provides an easy way for the population to stay up-to-date with what's going on in the world. Consequently, Instagram gave rise to many Korean influencers. These content creators are people who have gained a large following on the platform for their style and talent. They often work with brands to create sponsored content, and their followers often look up to them for fashion and lifestyle advice.

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Korean Instagram Influencers to Follow - INSTAGRAM AUDIENCE OVERVIEW IN SOUTH KOREA

You know, working with influencers on Instagram is one of the best ways to market in South Korea. With the platform's reach, a single ad can be seen by over 23.40 million people! That’s a huge chunk of the entire population–45.2%. It’s also a great way to reach the general public, since audience gender is almost evenly distributed.

Instagram influencers come from different niches, ranging from fashion and beauty to travel, health and fitness, art, food, and many others. They also engage with their followers through giveaways, Q&A sessions, and meet and greets. Instagram influencers have become an effective way to reach a wide audience and generate interest in a product or service.

If you’re planning to deliver a message to the South Korean population, then influencer marketing is a good way to start. In this article, we listed the top Instagram influencers in South Korea whom you might want to partner with. Let’s take a look!

The Top Korean Instagram Influencers are ⬇️

Followers: 140K

Topics: Children, Family, Food

If you’re a food or family-related brand wanting to reach South Korean parents, try collaborating with Nosomyoung. Nosomyoung is an Instagram account featuring the Poyun siblings, and managed by their mother, Nosomommy. On their page, these content creators regularly post eating shows and home-cooked meals. They also update their followers with their other life activities, such as baseball training and schooling.

Followers: 151K

Topics: Fitness, Health, Pilates

Hophy Sophie, or Eunhyung Lee, is a fitness and health IG influencer. She specializes in pilates and is the founder of Aesop Pilates Studio in South Korea. She regularly posts pilates videos which her followers can do at home. She’s already worked with several sports and health brands like Nike and Haru, and brands from other industries such as Intel.

Followers: 427K

Topics: Gaming, Tech

LAFAN is a game collector from South Korea, who shares his fondness for vintage games. His Instagram feed is full of videos on old school games like Pepsiman from 1999, Doom from 1995, Indianapolis from 1989, and a lot more. He also posts about newer games like Call of Duty.

LAFAN is sought-after by gaming brands, which can be seen through his previous collaborations with international gaming company, PlayStation. He also posts guitar covers of game theme songs.

Followers: 252K

Topics: Videography, Photography

Want How is a professional videographer and photographer who shares his tips and tricks on Instagram. He creates tutorials on taking awesome photos and videos, both for beginners and intermediate learners. He has already worked with several mic and camera brands, such as Sony and Rode.

Followers: 295K

Topics: Fitness, Parenting

Dayeon Goh is a fitness model who now serves as an inspiration for mothers in South Korea. Dayeon managed to keep and maintain her muscular and lean physique even after giving birth to her son. Her feed is filled with mother-son photos, as well as stunning OOTDs and body inspos.

Followers: 291K

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel

Nalu is a video content creator who focuses on the niches of beauty, travel, and fashion. She’s more popular on YouTube with 1.3 million subscribers, but she also has a sizable audience on Instagram. She posts photos and videos on Korean culture, K-beauty, Korean destinations, and K-fashion. She loves posting her outfits, food, vacations, and product recommendations.

Followers: 653K

Topics: Relationship, Lifestyle

Enjoy Couple is an Instagram account featuring YouTube couple Mindu and Lara. These two love sharing their travels, life updates, and adventures taking on worldwide challenges. Koreans love watching this couple, aspiring to have a relationship like what these two have. They give off purely positive vibes on their contents.

Followers: 420K

Topics: Anime, Cosplay

Song Joo A is a South Korean cosplayer on Instagram and YouTube. Her feed is full of photos where she dresses as her favorite anime or game characters. Her impressions, facial expressions, and poses are always on point, which made her recognized in the cosplay community. She has already dressed as Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy, Ahri from League of Legends, and many others.

Followers: 541K

Topics: Skateboarding, Lifestyle, Fashion

Hyo Joo is an Instagram influencer who posts a lot about skateboarding and fashion. This petite yet adventurous girl posts contents of herself skateboarding around the world. Brands love working with her, as seen in her past projects with Charles and Keith, Calvin Klein, Dior, and so much more.

Followers: 693K

Topics: Pets, Dogs

Hyungwook, a.k.a. Hunter Kang, is a Bodeum companion dog trainer from South Korea. He regularly posts videos of his latest adventures with cute and reliable paw pals. He also provides his followers with some tips and tricks on training their own dogs at home.

Followers: 1.2M

Topics: DJ, Music, Lifestyle

GODJINA is a South Korean DJ who first became famous on the TikTok app. Now, she has already gained more than half a million followers on Instagram. She usually posts her DJ gigs, along with some hot and daring photos. People who yearn for a party lifestyle follow her account.

Followers: 778K

Topics: Beauty, Modeling

Lee Yoo-ri is a freelance model and actress from South Korea. She’s a beauty, fashion, modeling, and lifestyle influencer who provides inspiring content for her followers. She also likes to post her OOTDs, as well as her favorite beauty and skincare products and service providers.

Followers: 727K

Topics: Food, Food Styling, Home Cafe

Looking for food inspos that can wow your guests? Check’s IG account. is a content creator who specializes in home cafe food projects. This influencer also has her own recipe book titled My Secret Home Cafe. Her aesthetic, cute, and yummy recipes are awaited by more than 791K Korean social media users. also has a large following on YouTube, where they upload longer videos. has already worked with different food brands, such as Amazing Oats, Nespresso, and Tito’s Vodka. Non-food brands also work with her, like Flynn when it launched its berry eye palette.

Followers: 1.1M

Topics: Korean Food, Recipes, Korean Cuisine

Eden Table is another mouth-watering IG account. This account posts video tutorials on the most-appetizing Korean cuisines. This content creator shares with the world recipes for the country’s most-loved meals. She also puts all the ingredients on her post captions. Whether you’re craving some kimchi or some bibimbap, this influencer can teach you how to make it.

Followers: 1.2M

Topics: Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion

Chailee Son is an influencer and model from South Korea. She loves posting photos about her travels, her gorgeous fits, and her dreamy lifestyle. She currently owns a clothing line named Chailee the Label. Much like her brand, Chailee exudes elegant, curvy, and sensuous vibes. Check out her profile and watch her travel the world–from Paris, Australia, Philippines, to the USA.

Followers: 1.3M

Topics: Art, Drawings

Lee Kyu Young is a digital visual artist who loves drawing cartoon-like pieces. Lee does his storytelling through art. He draws relatable real-life scenarios, matched with great captions. He already worked with God of War, Coke, Samsung, and many others.

Followers: 1.4M

Topics: Car, Modeling, Racing

Check out Park Si-hyun on Instagram for a thrilling glimpse into the world of high-speed autos! As a rising star in the automotive industry and a professional car model, her stunning beauty and passion for cars shine at auto shows throughout South Korea. She not only showcases the latest models but also ignites a love for the elegance and power of these machines. Follow her journey and see why she's becoming a true icon in the car community!

Followers: 1.6M

Topics: Lifestyle, Sports, Beauty

Kang So Yeon is a woman of many talents–she is a model, content creator, actress, announcer, singer, and many more. Her Instagram captures her overall personality and lifestyle. She loves posting photos of her tennis, football, and golf games. Her beautiful face and elegant looks are also to watch out for.

Followers: 5.4M

Topics: DJ, Music

Hwang So-hee, a.k.a. DJ Soda, is a South Korean DJ who built her name by being the headliner in several Asian music festivals. Her electronic dance music is always loved by Korean party-goers. On her feed, she lets her followers peek through her life on and off stage. She also posts about her adventures, travels, food, gigs, and OOTDs.

Followers: 9.0M

Topics: Makeup, Beauty

On top of our list is professional makeup artist, PONY Syndrome. She started out by creating YouTube makeup tutorials, but her popularity has now easily-spread across all social media platforms.

On Instagram, she loves posting her latest makeup looks and cosplays, along with her most-recommended cosmetic and skincare products. Her undeniable talent has caught the attention of international makeup giants. PONY is truly a trendsetter when it comes to K-beauty.


The Korean Instagram scene is very vibrant. There are numerous popular influencers, photographers, and celebrities who have a large following on the platform. These public figures often post about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and food. They also write their captions in Hangul in order to be more relatable and in-touch with their audience.

Korean Instagram influencers collaborate with different brands to advertise products and services. They create content to promote the brand, such as sponsored posts, sponsored stories, reviews, and giveaways. They also engage with their followers and help create an online community for the brand. Because of this, influencer marketing on the platform has seen success in recent years.

We provided you with influencers whom you might want to follow or collaborate with in the future. We hope this list helped you in your next influencer marketing campaign.

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