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7 Best Travel Influencers in Japan

AJ Marketing - 7 Best Travel Influencers in Japan

Japan, where timeless traditions meet futuristic cities, has always been a magnet for travelers worldwide. But it's not just the international tourists who are enchanted by its allure. The Japanese themselves are avid travelers, eager to explore both the familiar and the unknown within their own borders and beyond. From the snow-capped peaks of Hokkaido to the tropical beaches of Okinawa, every region offers a distinct flavor of adventure.

The digital age has added a fresh twist to this age-old wanderlust. Today, influencers play a pivotal role in shaping travel narratives, turning personal experiences into shared journeys that inspire countless others. Their vivid tales and genuine recommendations have become invaluable for both seasoned travelers and first-time explorers.

AJ Marketing - 7 Best Travel Influencers in Japan - Online Spend on Travel Japan

Given the impressive figures of Japanese consumers spending over 14.6 billion USD on flights online and an additional 20.7 billion on hotels, it's clear that the travel bug has bitten hard. And so, to celebrate this passion for exploration, we present to you the top 7 travel influencers in Japan. Let them lead you through the myriad experiences this beautiful country has in store.

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Best Travel Influencers in Japan ⬇️

Subscribers: 132K

KenCen is the brainchild of the adventurous duo, Kenken and Yamame. Their shared passion for campers and the open road is evident in every video they produce. Their channel is a treasure trove for camper enthusiasts, offering insights into different vehicles, and sharing their personal experiences of overnight stays in handpicked campers. What sets them apart is their genuine desire to educate and inspire, ensuring every viewer walks away with something valuable. If campers and travel are your jam, KenCen is your go-to source for authentic, informative content.

Subscribers: 204K

Chieru is the epitome of style meets travel. Always on the move and donning a skirt, her channel is a delightful blend of travel vlogs and girly fashion insights. While she once explored international destinations frequently, recent times have seen her focus on domestic travels, especially around the outskirts of her home in Tokyo. Her extensive travel history, from the beaches of Hawaii to the Northern Lights in Norway, adds depth to her content. With a penchant for places like Hawaii, France, and New York, Chieru's channel is a window to the world through the lens of a fashion-forward traveler.

5. Miyu

Subscribers: 248K

Miyu's digital space is a delightful blend of lifestyle and travel chronicles. With each post, she takes her followers along on her journeys, sharing intimate moments and adventures, especially those with her husband. Their recent escapade to Phuket, Thailand, is a testament to their shared love for exploration. What sets Miyu apart is her genuine portrayal of life's moments, both big and small, making her followers feel like they're right there with her, experiencing every emotion and sight.

Followers: 288K

Love Mari is your ultimate guide to the hidden gems of Japan and beyond. Her content palette is diverse, covering everything from breathtaking locales and luxurious hotels to mouthwatering food experiences. But what truly makes Love Mari shine is her commitment to crafting in-depth travel guides. She doesn't just show you the beauty of a place; she ensures you know how to experience the best of it. Whether you're looking for the finest dining spots in Japan or the most scenic views, Love Mari's profile is a comprehensive guide to all things travel.

Followers: 1.1M

AJ Marketing - 7 Best Travel Influencers in Japan - 3 Ayane

Stepping into Ayane's world is like entering a visual symphony of breathtaking places. Recognized for her prowess, she represented Japan in the WPC International Photo Contest in both 2020 and 2023. While her lens captures scenes from around the globe, she holds a special fondness for the scenic beauty of Japan. Each photograph and video she shares is a testament to her keen eye for detail and her ability to capture the essence of a place. For those seeking a visual treat and a fresh perspective on familiar locales, Ayane's content is a must-follow.

Subscribers: 1.2M

Meet Rachel and Jun, the American-Japanese couple that's winning hearts with their candid adventures in Japan. Their content is a refreshing mix of travel tales, feline fun with their cats, and a generous dose of humor. Their genuine portrayal of life as a multicultural couple in Japan offers a unique perspective, making their content both relatable and entertaining. Whether they're exploring a new city or simply sharing snippets of their daily life, Rachel and Jun ensure their followers are always in for a good time.

Subscribers: 3.4M

Paolo is not just a Tokyo resident; he's your personal guide to everything this magnificent city has to offer. Having lived in Tokyo for an extended period, his insights are deep-rooted and authentic. His content spans from showcasing the hidden gems of Tokyo to guiding viewers through the diverse experiences Japan offers. Paolo's strength lies in his ability to present Tokyo and Japan from a local's perspective while making it accessible and engaging for global audiences through YouTube. If Tokyo or Japan is on your radar, Paolo's channel is the gateway to genuine experiences.


In the digital age, travel influencers offer a window to the world, providing unique insights and experiences that inspire wanderlust in their followers. From Miyu's heartfelt adventures to Paolo's deep-rooted knowledge of Tokyo, each influencer brings a distinct flavor to the table.

Whether you're seeking visual masterpieces, humorous escapades, or the best of Japan, these influencers are your compass to the Land of the Rising Sun. Dive into their content, and let them guide you through the mesmerizing tapestry that is Japan.

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