20 Best Instagram Influencers in Singapore in 2022

20 Best Instagram Influencers in Singapore

Instagram influencers have helped brands achieve successful campaigns in Singapore. Instagram is the third most-used social media platform in this country, while influencers and experts are also one of the most-followed social media account types. This goes to show that Singaporean consumers give heavy weight on opinions of well-known and credible people. Naturally, Instagram has become a fertile ground for business-owners to launch their campaign in.

When one launches a campaign on this platform, their content may reach up to 3 million internet users in Singapore. That's more than half of the country's entire population. Just imagine the possibilities of increased exposure and conversions one campaign may bring to a brand.

Instagram Advertising Audience Overview in Singapore 2022

Another factor to take note on is that the Singapore market mainly discover brands through word-of-mouth and social media ads. One of their major purchase drivers is customer reviews and interactions on a social media post. This means that Singaporeans trust and believe the experiences of ordinary people, more so than TV commercials or billboards. Thus, influencers have offered great advantages for marketers.

Singaporeans tend to put their trust in social media influencers, as they give genuine reviews compared to celebrities. This made them efficient, effective, and uncostly solutions for brands who wanted to expand in Singapore. The country does not only host influencers on Instagram, but also on TikTok and YouTube.

The hardest question to ask is "which influencer should I collaborate with?". The answer will be far from simple. Brands must take into account their own goals, budget, target market, and values before choosing the perfect influencer. Singaporean influencers are from different niches, from beauty, tech, gaming, sports, music, to lifestyle. Before choosing the person to collaborate with, in-depth research is a must.

Lucky for you, we're here to help. We have made a list of the top 20 Instagram influencers in Singapore to help you gain insight on the country's influencer scene. These influencers have different forms, contents, industries, and audiences. We hope this list can help you gain more insight on how to boost your influencer marketing campaign. Let's take a look!

20 Best Instagram Influencers in Singapore ⬇️

  1. Yik Keat

  2. Jianhao Tan

  3. Xiaxue

  4. Jade Rasif

  5. Yu Qing

  6. Jayley Woo

  7. Rebecca Lim

  8. Jeanette Aw

  9. Debbie

  10. Xiao Yukiko

  11. Carrie Wong

  12. Joanne Peh

  13. Taufik Batisah

  14. Soh Pei Shi

  15. Kim Lim

  16. Jesseca Liu

  17. Tosh Rock

  18. Elvin Ng

  19. Andrea Chong

  20. Qiu Ting


Followers: 279,000

Topics: Beauty, Family, Lifestyle

Qiu Ting started her career as a model and a beauty queen. Today, she continues to gain traction on Instagram with more than 279K followers. She often posts about her little children, family, food, travels, and her favorite products to use. She's previously collaborated with international brands like Cadburry and Samanco.


Followers: 301,000

Topics: Fashion, Beauty

Andrea Chong is one of the best fashionistas you can find on Singapore. She's always up-to-date with the latest fashion and beauty trends in the county. She's been awarded as the Fashion Icon of the Year in 2015 by a Singaporean digital advertising agency.

Not only famous as a fashion influencer, she is also the founder of DC creative and the blogger behind dreachong.com. Andrea Chong commonly posts about her latest fits and her favorite beauty products. Many brands have previously sought her help in their influencer marketing campaigns.


Followers: 321,000

Topics: Fashion, Movie, Entertainment

Elvin is a famous actor and former model from Singapore. Due to his amazing skills, he has won the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artists Award for 10 times from 2006 to 2016. On his Instagram, he regularly posts his daily activities from shooting, modelling, travelling, to spending time with his family. He has previously collaborated with brands from different industries, such as Vivo, Systema, and Boss.


Followers: 326,000

Topics: Music, Lifestyle, Fashion

Tosh Zhang is a Singaporean actor and musician, well-known for his catchy songs on YouTube. This talented influencer's feed is filled with his most lit fits, colorful shoes, behind-the-scenes shots, and daily life photos. This fashion king is sought-after by brands such as McDonalds and PUMA.


Followers: 341,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion

Jesseca is a famous actress and influencer in Singapore who loves sharing her stunning photoshoots on her feed. Due to her acting skills, she has won the latest Star Awards 2021. Jesseca has been sought after by big brands like Pocari Sweat and Dior, who have asked her help in gaining more exposure in the Singaporean market.


Followers: 342,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Luxury, Beauty

This Singaporean socialite is the daughter of Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim. Her daily updates have attracted over 342K followers on Instagram. She regularly posts about her family travels, celebrity dinners, expensive fits, and luxurious lifestyle. Don't get fooled by her looks because she's actually down-to-earth. She usually spends a substantial amount of her time also doing charity work.


Followers: 342,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion

Soh originally gained popularity due to her lifestyle blog. She's taken this blog to another level and has now become one of the most influential fashion icons in Singapore. Her genuine product reviews attract many followers until today. Having good looks and a big fan base, she has collaborated with top brands such as Disney and Love Bonito. She also starred as a cameo in the drama series “Lion Mum”.


Followers: 343,000

Topics: Music, Film, Fitness

Taufik is a famous actor, influencer, and singer who has performed in various countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and London. Taufik is also a business-owner, running CHIX Hot Chick which sells Nashville Hot Chicken in Jln Pisang, Singapore. On his feed, he most often shares about his life now as a real estate agent. He still posts some cover songs and brand collaborations. He has already worked with international brand Reebok in the past.


Followers: 354,000

Topics: Fitness, Lifestyle

Joanne gained popularity after her participation in Miss Singapore Universe 2002. After such feat, she became a well-known actress in the country. Today, she has also explored Instagram as an avenue to to use her influence in a good way. She uploads photos about her lifestyle, such as food recommendations, skincare products, and fitness regime. Aside from Instagram, she also publishes articles on her website – joannepeh.com.


Followers: 367,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Beauty, Film

This Nanyang Polytechnics graduate is both a famous actress and a local influencer on Instagram. Her feed is full of her well-crafted outfits and flattering poses. She also posts about her most used skincare products. Due to her popularity, she has already worked with some big international brands such as Samsung, Guerlain, and L’occitane.


Followers: 377, 000

Topics: Cosplay, Anime, Gaming

You wouldn't think Xiao is a real person at first look. Xiao's cosplays are so flawless that you'd think she's an anime character which has come to life. When you visit her Instagram, you’ll find tons of her photoshoots wearing various kinds of costumes and makeup. She also posts about her gaming streams and gaming equipment on Facebook. Recently, she has also gained traction on short-form video platform TikTok.


Followers: 407,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Parenting, Family

Starting her career as a dog groomer and baker, Debbie now rises as one of the most successful influencers with her own business, The Starry Co. Debbie is the mother of the famous Instagram baby Starley, and the wife of Jianhao Tan. Debbie often shares moments with her family, as well as beauty and skincare reviews. She's already collaborated with international brands such as Caltex, Walch, and many others.


Followers: 415,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Travel

Jeanette Aw is the epitome of an accomplished woman. Jeanette is a published author, blogger, actress, and model who now has 425K followers on Instagram. On her feed, Jeanette enjoys sharing about her food, travels, OOTDs, and remarkable poses. She also shares some of her stories, inspirations, and life on her website, J-Code.

Jeanette has already worked with some of the biggest brands like Hydroflux, Gucci, and Dior.


Followers: 423,000

Topics: Beauty, Entertainment, Fashion

Rebecca Lim started her career as a candidate in Miss Universe Singapore 2005. Her acting skills and glowing face gained her several acting awards in the past. She can speak English and Chinese, enabling her to star in both English and Chinese TV dramas.

Today, Rebecca is also known as a Singaporean influencer with more than 423K followers on Instagram. She's now a fashion icon who commonly posts about her expensive, well-thought of outfits, flawless makeup, and TV series. She's already worked with popular brands like Armani Beauty, Dior Beauty, and L'occitane.


Followers: 427,000

Topics: Beauty, Fashion, Travel

Jayley Woo has a twin sister, Hayley Woo, who is likewise popular on social media. Although she is young, she was included in the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artists in 2016 and 2017. Jayley loves to post her overseas trips and family outings on Instagram. Jayley also shares about her favorite beauty products, skincare routines, and her fitness journey.


Followers: 436,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Fitness, Travel

Yu Qing inspires women in Singapore to live a healthy, happy, and passionate life. Yu often posts workout videos which her followers can try at home. She also likes sharing her travel photos and stunning outfits, influencing women to live their best and healthy lives.


Followers: 473,000

Topics: Music, Travel

Jade Rasif is a famous DJ, YouTube personality, and former actress. When visiting her Instagram, you’ll see tons of her photos posing in various places, from Paris, luxury yachts, to limousines. She also posts her DJ performances, travels, and workout and meditation routines.


Followers: 589,000

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel

Wendy, also known as XiaXue, has collaborated with some popular names in different industries, including Japanese sushi company Sakae Holdings, skincare specialist Carragheen, and petrol company Caltex. She often uploads on her feed photos of her travels in Singapore and abroad with her family, some beauty tips and her skincare routines.


Followers: 632,000

Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

Let’s meet JianHao Tan, Singapore's No.1 YouTuber with over 4.8 million subscribers. He now has expanded his audience on Instagram, with more than 632K followers. He is the CEO and founder of Titan Digital Media.

Besides sharing his precious moments with his family, JianHao also posts some sneak peeks of his latest YouTube series. Not only loves to entertain others with his out-of-the-box ideas, he also loves to help people in need, creating the JianHao Tan Foundation which focuses on improving the lives of children at the orphanages.


Followers: 1,000,000

Topics: Photography, Travel

Yik Keat is a famous urban photographer known for his colour technique and ability to bring personality to street photographs. You’ll be captivated by his shots because he applies all the technicalities needed in a shot. Besides posting his remarkable images in various popular places, he also gives some tutorials on how to take great pictures for beginners.


Instagram is not merely an app to share pictures or videos, but also a powerful marketing tool for businesses and marketers in Singapore. Specifically, working with influencers on Instagram has provided several brands successful campaigns, increased online presence, and sales conversions. However, Instagram influencer marketing is not as easy as it sounds. A business needs to choose the perfect influencer with matching goals, target audience, and niche.

On the list we provided, we can see that the top influencers in Singapore are mostly women. The common niches are also beauty, fashion, sports, lifestyle, and travel. Most importantly, small and big brands alike have already collaborated with these influencers, recognizing the power they have in swaying market opinion.

We hope this list has provided you great insight on starting your own Instagram influencer campaign. Before creating your marketing plan, you must also read on the 10 important things you need to know before entering Singapore.

For more information on the Singapore market, visit the AJ Marketing Blog.

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