20 Best TikTok Influencers in Singapore in 2022

20 Best TikTok Influencers in Singapore

Working with influencers on TikTok is a tried and tested marketing strategy by businesses in Singapore. This short-form video platform has become one of the most used social media platforms of Singaporeans, with an ad reach audience of 1.83 million people. This platform has enabled brands to reach more than 30% of the whole Singapore population with a single ad.

TikTok Advertising Audience Overview in Singapore 2022

TikTok's popularity can be attributed to its innovative features, such as crazy fun filters, use of hit sounds, and the short duration of videos. Moreover, this platform has enabled normal people to become sensational content creators. Gen Zs, especially, are dominating the platform with their increased need of an avenue for self-expression. Thus, Singapore now has thousands of influencers on TikTok. Aside from TikTok, Singapore also houses influencers on different platforms, like Instagram and YouTube.

On social media, almost 24% of Singaporean internet users follow influencers and experts. Additionally, word-of-mouth marketing and social media ads are one of the top sources of brand discovery by Singaporeans. This means that Singaporeans are now relying on influencers' opinions before they make their purchase decisions. This market behavior has made a huge change on how marketers approach social media campaigns.

Sources of Brand Discovery in Singapore 2022

TikTok influencers have given vital marketing assistance for businesses in this country. Many brands have run their TikTok campaigns to build awareness and increase conversions. The most common TikTok influencer campaigns are the creation of various dance challenges with catchy hashtags, and the creation of video reviews by influencers who are considered experts in their field.

But, choosing the right influencer on TikTok is no easy task. You need to make sure that you've chosen the right influencer according to your goals, budget, values, and brand image. We have created a list of the top 20 TikTok influencers in Singapore to help you in this process. Let's have a look.

Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Singapore ⬇️

  1. Ming

  2. Nic Kaufman

  3. Daddy Ming

  4. Wraya

  5. Bella Astillah

  6. Zi Hao Lao

  7. Rahul Bhatnagar

  8. Shawn

  9. Jian Hao Tan

  10. Isaac Lim

  11. Life Philosophy

  12. Glenn Yong

  13. Deroy Lukas

  14. Ritu Phogat

  15. Kazue

  16. Angel

  17. Tiffany Lukmantara

  18. Miss Laddeki

  19. Mica

  20. Sapiera RM


Followers: 231,100

Topics: Entertainment, Vlog, Comedy

SAPIEKA RM TikTok Influencer Singapore

A pretty face with a wacky attitude -- that's our first influencer, Sapieka RM. Sapieka loves to recreate viral TikTok challenges and use hit songs to lipsync to. She sometimes uploads videos about her love towards BTS, and also posts "storytimes" which her viewers find entertaining. At the moment, Sapieka has gained more than 231K followers and 2.1M likes on TikTok.

19. MICA

Followers: 232,400

Topics: Comedy, Fashion

MICA TikTok Influencer Singapore

Mica is not only a fashion icon, but also a comedy king. This influencer loves to give his followers tips on fashion and photography, demonstrating how to pose in a way that accentuates their bodies. He also shares his daily activities and makes comedy skits with his friends. Mica serves as an inspiration to men in Singapore who want to feel and look good, and at the same time teaches them not to take life too seriously.


Followers: 264,100 Topics: Fitness, Entertainment, Inclusivity

Miss Laddeki TikTok Influencer Singapore

Miss Laddeki is a fitness influencer whose disability did not stop from living her life to the fullest. Miss Laddeki gained popularity due to her positive outlook in life and drive to live a happy and normal life despite physical impairment. She often posts dancing videos, lipsyncs, workout videos, and beauty routines on TikTok. She has collaborated with businesses in the past, from perfume brands to diet supplements.


Followers: 283,400

Topics: Dance, Entertainment, Fashion

Tiffany Lukmantara Singapore TikTok Influencer 2022

Tiffany is an Indonesian student based in Singapore who likes to upload solo and group dance videos on TikTok. Tiffany uses hit songs when hopping on to the most viral TikTok challenges. Besides dancing, Tiffany also shows Singapore her creativity through fashion. She often uploads videos helping her followers mix and match the right outfits. She also gives posing tips and tricks so her viewers can look their best in photos.


Followers: 303,700

Topics: Comedy, Entertainment, Family

ANGEL TikTok Influencer Singapore

This comedy diva just brightens the day of her followers with her amazing dance moves and funny facial expressions. Angel loves to hop on to the latest dance challenges, and she always includes her family in her videos. She shows her followers how important family values are to maintain a happy life.

Angel also uploads comedic skits using different filters which her followers enjoy. Her funny and natural acting are the main factors that will make you keep scrolling on her TikTok feed.


Followers: 318,100

Topics: K-pop, Cosplay, Cosmetics

KAZUE Singapore TikTok Influencer

John Stan Kazue is an amazing cosplayer and makeup artist on TikTok known for his accurate portrayals of different anime characters. He often uploads makeup tutorials and videos showing his process when cosplaying. Aside from this, he shares with his followers his love of K-pop culture.

He also shares some diet tips, funny videos, and his daily activities as a cat dad. Kazue now has more than 318K followers and more than 6.3M likes on TikTok.


Followers: 322,200

Topics: Fitness, Health

RITU PHOGAT TikTok Influencer Singapore

Ritu is known as an MMA athlete who likes to share her daily workout routines on TikTok. She teaches her followers a variety of training types, from HIIT training, boxing, to weightlifting. Aside from physical fitness videos, she makes it a point to always include her family in her content. She has gained more than 322.2K followers and 2.9M likes on the platform.


Followers: 322,600

Topic: Entertainment

Deroy Lukas TikTok Influencer Singapore 2022

Deroy Lukas is popular as the tattooed, good-looking guy on Singapore TikTok. His main contents are POV videos, vlog about his life as a barista, and some comedy skits. Due to his handsome appearance, he has gained more than 322K followers and 10.3M likes on the platform.


Followers: 356,200

Topics: Entertainment, Fashion

GLENN YONG TikTok Influencer Singapore

Glenn Young is known for his handsome face and creative promotional videos. He loves to join TikTok challenges with his girlfriend, but, he is most famous for having good taste in fashion. He sometimes gives fashion tips on how to mix and match outfits for any occasion.

Not only that, he also often uploads situational video skits. His natural acting skills and pleasing aesthetics made him gain more than 356K followers and 3.7M likes on TikTok.


Followers: 397,700

Topics: Life Hacks, Food, Entertainment

LIFE PHILOSOPHY TikTok Influencer Singapore

This account provides you with tons of life hack tutorials, from putting wall stickers, cleaning toilets, fixing pipe holes, to cutting hair. You’ll be amazed with the unique product reviews posted on this account. They cover everything household, from kitchen tools to bedroom sheets.

Besides teaching their followers useful skills, they also upload cooking tutorials to help their viewers prepare easy and cheap meals. Their amazing gadgets gained them almost 400K followers on TikTok.


Followers: 514,500

Topics: Gaming, Anime

ISAAC LIM TikTok Influencer Singapore

Isaac Lim is a video game streamer and anime-lover who shocked TikTok Singapore when he uploaded his maid cosplay video. This handsome influencer entertains his audience with tons of POV videos, comedic skits, and out-of-the-box ideas. Isaac is now a social media star, with more than half a million followers on TikTok.


Followers: 553,000

Topics: Comedy, Parenting, Entertainment

JIAN HAO TAN TikTok Influencer Singapore

Also known as a popular YouTuber in Singapore, Jian Hao Tan has likewise gained traction on TikTok. His account is one of the most anticipated by his followers because of his humorous content mixed with life lessons. Besides comedic videos, he also posts precious moments he has with his family, especially with his children. His content has inspired a lot of people, and he has become a role model for young dads in Singapore.


Followers: 568,600

Topics: Social Issues, Life Advice

SHAWN TikTok Influencer Singapore

Shawn is famous on TikTok for being vocal and for sharing his opinions about viral issues. His advice touch on relatable life experiences like career, friendship, love, and many others. His wisdom couples with his creativity gained him almost 567K followers and 9.3M likes on TikTok. His followers just keep pouring because he is now also exploring the music scene in Singapore.


Followers: 665,900

Topics: Self Development, Business

RAHUL BHATNAGAR TikTok Influencer Singapore

If you are looking for a self development mentor, Rahul is the influencer to follow. Rahul uploads tons of tips on public speaking, sales, business, and English, helping his followers secure new jobs and business opportunities. This motivational and inspiring content creator has covered various topics, from getting rid of your limiting beliefs, ways on dealing with procrastination, to building your own personal brand.


Followers: 698,200

Topics: Art, Entertainment

ZI HAO LAO TikTok Influencer Singapore

Zi Hao Lao is a college student of NTU who is well known for his handicrafts and origami. When you visit his TikTok feed, you’ll be at awe with his creativity and imagination. Zi Hao Lao can turn paper into great works of art, making structure-like designs and various animals. Besides paper sculptures, he can also paint using unique materials. Lately, he has also explored 3D printing.

His creative mind gained him almost 700K followers and more than 15M likes on TikTok. One of his most viral videos attracted 3M views until today.


Followers: 1,100,000

Topics: Dance, Fashion, Lifestyle

BELLA ASTILLAH TikTok Influencer Singapore

Bella is a Malaysian based in Singapore who is popular on TikTok because of her traditional dance videos. Besides dancing on the app, she also shares her life moments with her family. Bella also likes to show off her singing skills by covering some hit songs. She also has a good fashion sense, and has influenced her audience with some of her best outfits. This TikTok diva truly has it all!


Followers: 5,200,000

Topics: Music, Dance, Entertainment

WRAYA TikTok Influencer Singapore

Wengie is famously known as a YouTuber and an independent singer under the new name Wraya. On her TikTok, you’ll find her dancing to the latest hits. She also promotes her newest songs, and shares some sneak peeks of her music videos. Wraya often posts her cat who is her soft spot. Wraya's talent gained her more than 5.2M followers and 79M likes on TikTok.


Followers: 8,800,000

Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

DADDY MING TikTok Influencer Singapore

Daddy Ming gained his own fanbase after appearing several times on his son's TikTok videos. Currently, he is a comedy content creator who is well-known for pulling pranks on his son. This wholesome dad still finds a way to make people roll on their bellies from all the funny ideas he comes up with. Daddy Ming now has more than 8.8M followers and 102.2M likes on the platform.


Followers: 14,000,000

Topic: Entertainment

NIC KAUFMAN Singapore TikTok Influencer

Starting his journey on Instagram, this brown-eyed boy has quickly captured hearts of TikTok users in Singapore. His fame can be attributed to his viral #alltheboys videos on the platform. This German-Indian content creator loves to share videos of different types, from POVs, vlogs, tutorials, lip-syncs, to comedy skits. His millions of followers and likes are owed to his stunning physique and likeable personality.


Followers: 22,500,000

Topics: Martial Arts, Comedy, Entertainment

MING Influencer TikTok Singapore

Starting his career as a taekwondo martial artist, Ming has become the most followed Singaporean athlete on social media. Ming often shares videos of his taekwondo practices. Aside from this, he also loves to share prank videos and comedy skits he creates with his dad, Daddy Ming. Because of his success on social media, he has been featured on various national newsletters and TV channels.


TikTok rapidly caught the hearts of Singaporeans due to its innovative features like filters, sounds, and especially its short-form video content. Now, TikTok is one of the most-used social media platforms by Singaporean internet users. Because of its popularity, there are now thousands of content creators on the app, and influencer marketing boomed on TikTok.

TikTok influencers have emerged to be powerful marketing assets by business owners and marketers. Influencers help brands gain exposure and increase conversions in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Thus, marketing through TikTok and implementing influencer marketing is one of the best strategies in creating a campaign in Singapore.

On this list, it can be seen that Singaporean TikTok users love influencers specializing in comedy, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. Aside from this, it can be observed that the influencer landscape in this country is dominated by women. With the given information on the list, we hope we were able to give you some insights on how to effectively promote your brand in the platform.

If you are interested on knowing more about the Singapore market, check our list of 10 important things you need to know and 10 most successful marketing campaigns in Singapore. You can also check the AJ Marketing Blog for more information about marketing in Singapore.

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