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20 Best Filipino Instagram Influencers To Follow in 2024

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Filipino Instagram Influencers To Follow

Enter the Philippine market with a bang by working with the top Filipino Instagram Influencers! Instagram is the fourth most-used app in this country, and 46% of social media users follow influencers and experts on their accounts. Filipino Instagram users follow celebrities and content creators to gain inspiration for their own feeds, outfits, lifestyles, or just to be up-to-date with the icons’ lives. The influencers, in turn, engage with their followers, making a community built on authenticity and viewer loyalty. This makes Instagram influencers powerful opinion leaders for purchase decisions.

Looking at the Instagram ad audience numbers alone, we can see that Instagram is the perfect avenue for marketing and advertising. A single advertisement on the platform can be viewed by more than 17.55 million Filipinos on the app. Imagine the engagement and viewership if the brand placement was posted by the influencers, themselves? Instagram influencer marketing is not limited to brands in the fashion industry, but may also be utilized by gaming, tech, food, travel, luxury, and sports brands.

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Filipino Instagram Influencers To Follow - Instagram Audience Overview Philippines 2022

Knowing that the Philippines has an astounding population of more than 118 million, it is but natural to have thousands of content creators in the country. A brand wanting to enter the Philippine market may easily get overwhelmed, and a social media user looking for new faces to follow may end up with an influencer who provides less value than others.

In this list, we’ve curated the best Filipino Instagram influencers who provide quality content and premium product recommendations for their followers. These influencers are valuable for brand advertising strategies. We hope you find the content creator best suited for your brand, or your IG feed.

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Filipino Instagram Influencers To Follow - Connect

20 Best Filipino Instagram Influencers To Follow ⬇️

Followers: 559K

Topics: Gaming, Streaming, Cosplay

Have you heard of Bianca Yao? She's a Filipina Twitch broadcaster and e-sports competitor who crushes it in games like DotA 2 and Counter Strike. But that's not all - her Instagram feed is a feast for the eyes, full of stunning cosplay portraits of game characters. She also recommends some awesome brands to her fans, like Toyota, Hennessy, OXGN Fashion, and GameXtreme.

Followers: 618K

Topics: Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel

If you're into fashion and luxury travel, you've got to check out Camille Co's Instagram. She started out as a famous blogger, and now she's got over 582K followers on Instagram, where she shares her trendiest fits, exotic travels, and lifestyle recommendations. She's worked with big names like BVLGARI, Dyson, Louis Vuitton, and Haagendazs, so you know she's got great taste.

Followers: 833K

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle

Skincare and beauty enthusiasts, listen up! Andrea Angeles is an Instagram star who's famous for her amazing content on skincare and beauty. Millions of people follow her on TikTok, and on her Instagram feed, she shares all kinds of skincare, beauty, and lifestyle brands like Nivea, VitaBears, SOMEBYMI Miracle Line, Snail White, You Beauty, and Belo.

Followers: 962K

Topics: Fitness, Lifestyle

If you're looking for some fitness inspiration, you've got to follow Vin Abrenica on Instagram. He's a Filipino actor who won the reality-based talent search, Artista Academy. In addition to his TV and movie work, he's got a strong social media presence where he posts fitness tips and products he recommends to people on their own fitness journeys. He's worked with some great brands, like Hanford, Netflix, HydroFlask, Supplement Hub, and Lazada.

Followers: 1M

Topics: Travel, Lifestyle

Have you heard of Kimpoy Feliciano? He's an internet sensation who built his following on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube. Kimpoy and his family were in New Zealand when he decided to start building a social media presence and connect with other Filipinos back home. Now, he's a performer, singer, and influencer with a huge following.

On his Instagram, you'll find him posting about his travels, outfits, friends, and family. He's also a big cryptocurrency enthusiast, attending Binance events in Dubai. And when it comes to influencer partnerships, he's worked with Urban Athletics, H&M, Kumu, Lazada, and more.

Followers: 1.2M

Topics: Gaming, Cosplay

If you're a gamer, you probably know who Myrtle Gail is - or as she's known outside the gaming community, Myrtle Sarrosa. She's an actress, singer, and gaming influencer who's also one of the pioneers of the P2E (play-to-earn) movement in the Philippines. On Instagram, she's always posting her amazing cosplays of the most popular anime and gaming characters.

Brands both in and out of the gaming world are eager to work with Myrtle - think HBO, LG, Axie Infinity, PUBG, and Logitech.

Followers: 1.4M

Topics: Beauty, Fashion

If you're into beauty and lifestyle tips, you've got to check out Rei Germar's YouTube channel. She's a Filipina influencer who's gained massive popularity for her makeup tutorials and hauls, as well as her vlogs. On Instagram, she shares her latest OOTDs, makeup and skincare products, food, travel destinations, and her life in general.

It's no wonder why brands like Louis Vuitton, H&M, Burberry, McDonald's, Klook, and Snail White are always eager to partner with her.

Followers: 1.8M

Topics: Parenting, Lifestyle

If you're looking for some inspiration on how to live life to the fullest, you've got to check out Kryz Uy's blog, Thristythought. She's a travel and lifestyle writer who covers everything from beauty to family adventures. And now, she's expanded her social media presence to include YouTube and Instagram. On Instagram, she shares posts about her family, their travels, and her self-care routines.

Kryz has a huge following among mothers and middle-aged women. And it's no wonder why brands like Wilkins, Pampers, Vicks, Breeze, Aveeno, Dyson, and many more are eager to work with her.

Followers: 1.8M

Topics: Sports, Fitness, Men’s Lifestyle

Daniel Matsunaga is a multi-talented Japanese-Brazilian model, actor, professional footballer, host, and businessman who became popular in the Philippines for his TV appearances and billboards. These days, he's focused more on his social media presence than on Philippine television.

On his Instagram, you'll find lots of activities and products that men love, like travel, fitness, sports, grooming, and even cryptocurrency. He's worked with big brands like Calvin Klein, Guess, Toyota, Grab, Oakley, Mosbeau, and many more.

Followers: 3.1M

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle

Sachzna Laparan is a Filipino social media star and model who first gained popularity through her Vine videos. Today, she's a professional model and actress who's appeared in several movies. She's collaborated with many brands across various industries, including Mountain Dew, Rules of Survival, and Kumu. And not only that, she's also the CEO of her own beauty brands, Sas Beauty and S by Miss Flawless.

Followers: 3.4M

Topics: Parenting, Lifestyle

You've probably heard of Viy Cortez - she's a popular YouTuber, TikToker, and Instagram influencer who's built quite the following. She first gained fame when she married YouTube sensation Cong Velasquez. On her Instagram, you'll find lots of updates about her life, along with beauty and lifestyle product recommendations. And just recently, she gave birth to her son, Kidlat (which directly translates to "lightning" in English).

Brands from all kinds of industries are eager to work with Viy - think baby brands, cosmetic brands, health brands, and more. And she's even released her own makeup line, Viyline Cosmetics.

Followers: 3.5M

Topics: Family, Parenting, Lifestyle

Chesca Kramer is a Filipino-Spanish actress and model who's now focused on family life and growing her social media presence. She's married to professional Filipino basketball player Doug Kramer, and their family is known as #TeamKramer.

On her Instagram, you'll find updates on their family activities and adventures. And when it comes to influencer partnerships, their family is always in the spotlight - think food, health, hygiene, and child care brands.

Followers: 4.6M

Topics: Food, Cooking

If you're into food and healthy living, you've got to check out Erwan Heussaff's Instagram. He's a blogger and influencer who's famous for his food and lifestyle site, "The Fat Kid Inside." He owns dozens of restaurants in the Philippines and around the world, and gained even more Filipino fans when he married famous actress Anne Curtis Smith.

On his Instagram, you'll find lots of recipes and cooking tutorial videos to help Filipino families achieve a healthy lifestyle. And his feed is filled with mouth-watering photos, many of which feature sponsored branded content. He's worked with some big names like Spam, Chingolo Deli, Monde, Quaker Oats, and many more.

Followers: 5.4M

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle

If you're a fan of funny YouTube pranks and vlogs, you've got to check out Camille Trinidad - half of the famous couple "JaMill." On YouTube, Camille and her partner Jayzam are known for their hilarious pranks and life vlogs. On Instagram, you'll find Camille posting her stunning bikini photos, flawless selfies, and fashion finds. And if you're looking for some cosmetic and skincare recommendations, she's got you covered too.

Followers: 5.5M

Topics: Dance, Lifestyle

You've probably heard of Ranz Kyle - he's the brother of famous TikTok influencer Niana Guerrero, and they make up the dance duo "Ranz and Niana." They gained massive popularity primarily on YouTube, and on Ranz's Instagram, you'll find dance covers, original choreographies, travel photos, and life updates. He even lets his followers know when there's a new YouTube vlog posted on his channel.

Followers: 7.2M

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle

Donnalyn Bartolome is a Filipina social media star who's been gaining a following since she was a teenager. And she's managed to keep that massive following across numerous social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

On her Instagram, she shares life updates, brand recommendations, fashion finds, and beauty hauls. And when it comes to influencer partnerships, she's worked with some major names like Burberry, Porsche, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Nars, and many more.

Followers: 12.8M

Topics: Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Nadine Lustre is a talented actress and singer who's become a style icon for Filipina millennials and Gen Zs. She's all about body positivity and self-love, and she's proud to be a morena (a brown-skinned Filipina).

On her Instagram, you'll find lots of inspirational makeup looks and OOTDs, along with some great brand collaborations. She's worked with big names like H&M, Gucci, JBL, Unilever, Bioten, and Dutchmill.

Followers: 14.8M

Topics: Lifestyle, Fashion

Pia Wurtzbach is a model and beauty queen who famously won the Miss Universe 2015 title. And after her success in the biggest international pageant, her career continued to prosper both offline and online. Her Instagram is full of stunning photos, outfits, and interesting life updates. And when it comes to influencer partnerships, she's worked with various local and international brands, featuring their products on her content.

Followers: 15.9M

Topics: Luxury, Fashion

You can't talk about Filipino luxury without mentioning Heart Evangelista - she's an actress, artist, businesswoman, and socialite who's built massive followings on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. And if you're looking for a glimpse into a luxurious lifestyle, Heart's got you covered. She's even one of the few Filipinos who regularly attend the Paris Fashion Week.

When it comes to influencer partnerships, Heart's been at the forefront of marketing luxurious brands in the Philippines - think Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, and more. And she's even worked with non-luxury brands like Zalora and Ponds.

Followers: 20.7M

Topics: Lifestyle, Entertainment

On top of our list is none other than Kathryn Bernardo, the queen of endorsements and brand collaborations in the Philippines to this date. She’s the most famous female celebrity among young, teen, and middle-aged audiences. Her brown skin and Filipina features made her relatable and loved by the general public. She continues to play lead roles on Philippine TV, including the newest Netflix series “2 Good 2 Be True.”

Kathryn previously collaborated with international brands such as Keds, Pepsi, Nivea, KFC, Lays, Gatorade, and many others.


There are over 21 million Instagram users in the Philippines, making the photo and video platform one of the best places to launch an advertisement. More than half of Filipino social media users also follow celebrities, influencers, and experts. This makes Instagram influencer marketing a great way to jumpstart a brand’s online presence once it decides to expand in this locality.

We hope this list has given you an overview of what to expect and whom to work with on your next social media campaigns.

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