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20 Best Fashion Influencers: Trendy & Popular in 2024

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Fashion Influencers: Trendy & Popular in 2024

Today, we're introducing you to the 20 trendsetters who have been making waves in the fashion world this 2024. From nifty street style influencers on TikTok to the glitz and glam divas on Instagram and the DIY fashion gurus on YouTube, we've got you covered.

Now, before we dive into the list, let's set the scene with a little bit of context. The fashion industry, like a phoenix rising, has shown tremendous resilience and growth in the face of recent challenges. But by 2023, the sparkle had returned to the world of fashion as the industry size burgeoned to an impressive $673.6 billion. And in our current year of 2024, we are strutting in style with an estimated market size of $760 billion. That's a whole lot of style and a whole lot of shoes!

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Fashion Influencers: Trendy & Popular in 2024 - Fashion Market Revenue

What's driving this resurgence, you ask? Well, aside from the pent-up demand, we've also got our stylish influencers to thank. Their passion, creativity, and digital savvy ways have revolutionized the way we perceive and consume fashion. And they are the stars of our show today.

So, ready to meet the fashion world's reigning monarchs? In this article, we’ll take a catwalk into the 20 best fashion influencers of 2024. Let's get started!

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20 Best Fashion Influencers ⬇️

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

Followers: 136K

Griseldis hails from Germany and delights her Instagram followers with her chic and unique take on fashion. Known for her love for bold colors and prints, her Instagram page is a riot of vibrant hues. From street style to high-end fashion, Griseldis is a breath of fresh air, always bringing her personal flair to each look she curates. Her aesthetic resonates with fashion enthusiasts who appreciate individuality and aren't afraid to play with trends even at over 60 years old!

Country: Estonia 🇪🇪

Followers: 192K

Estonian beauty, Neelam Ahooja, has charmed her Instagram followers with her minimalist and polished fashion sense. Her feed is a masterclass in capsule wardrobes, where simplicity and elegance reign supreme. Whether she's posing in a sleek power suit or a casual off-duty look, Neelam's style speaks to modern women who value functionality as much as aesthetics.

Country: Japan 🇯🇵

Followers: 258.8K

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Fashion Influencers: Trendy & Popular in 2024 -18

If you're into chill and comfy outfits, Sleepy Boy from Japan is the influencer for you. This content creator combines fashion with easy-to-understand information to bring a fashion education to the platform. His looks are focused on casual, timeless, and basic OOTDs for men.

Followers: 409K

The world of Instagram fashion is incomplete without the stylish Zina Charkoplia. Zina masterfully showcases high-fashion mixed with attainable style. Her looks are glamorous yet wearable, speaking to the everyday fashionista who wants to look runway-ready without compromising comfort. Zina's ability to blend luxury with practicality makes her stand out.

Country: France 🇫🇷

Subscribers: 446K

If you’re a sneakerhead, then this influencer might just be for you. La Routine is a fashion influencer from France who creates content revolving around sneakers, rubber shoes, and all things kicks. He educates his subscribers about how to differentiate fake from original pairs of shoes, as well as what the latest releases are in the world of soles.

Country: Switzerland 🇨🇭

Subscribers: 535K

A queen in her own right, the Queen of Heels has attracted shoe enthusiasts from around the world. As the name suggests, her channel celebrates the beauty of high heels. What makes her content unique is the detailed reviews and diverse range of styles she covers, from towering stilettos to chunky platforms, ensuring there's something for every heel aficionado.

Country: U.S. 🇺🇸

Subscribers: 544K

Revolutionizing the fashion scene with her creative DIY approach is The DIY Designer from the U.S. Her videos, brimming with innovative fashion hacks and easy-to-follow DIY tutorials, empower viewers to personalize their wardrobe. The DIY Designer encourages sustainability and creativity, proving that fashionable doesn't always mean brand new.

Followers: 599K

Mark Bryan, an Instagram sensation, shatters gender stereotypes one fabulous outfit at a time. Known for combining men's suits with high heels, Bryan challenges traditional fashion norms and encourages his followers to express themselves freely. His bold, authentic approach to fashion not only makes him a standout but also fosters an important conversation about freedom of expression in style.

Country: Netherlands 🇳🇱

Followers: 653K

With a clean, modern aesthetic that appeals to a broad range of style enthusiasts, Noah Altink has captured the attention of his Instagram followers. This influencer's content includes high-quality videos showcasing his minimalist yet stylish looks, often set against striking urban backdrops. What sets Noah apart is his knack for blending streetwear with high-fashion, creating a style that's accessible yet aspirational.

Country: Singapore 🇸🇬

Followers: 714.1K

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Fashion Influencers: Trendy & Popular in 2024 -11

Willabelle Ong is a Singapore-based fashion influencer who has earned TikTok followers through her luxurious, fashion-forward videos. Whether she's showcasing the latest trends or giving a sneak peek into her glamorous lifestyle, Willabelle keeps her content exciting and diverse. Some brands she has featured include Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and many other big names.

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

Followers: 807.1K

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Fashion Influencers: Trendy & Popular in 2024 - 9

Attention: another sneakerhead on the rise! Maxplore became popular on TikTok because of his creativity and passion for personalizing different sneakers, with different styles. In his videos, he shows his whole process, from tearing down the pairs to stitching them up and painting them.

Country: U.S. 🇺🇸

Subscribers: 818K

Audrey Coyne has become a darling of YouTube's fashion community. This U.S.-based influencer's videos are filled with wardrobe staples, styling tips, and fashion lookbooks. What makes Audrey unique is her elegant, timeless style and the calm, soothing presentation of her videos. It's like getting fashion advice from a good friend.

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

Subscribers: 926K

Lorenz Wiedenmann has built a loyal following of 920K subscribers on YouTube. Hailing from Germany, Lorenz specializes in menswear and offers content that includes fashion hauls, style advice, and lifestyle vlogs. Lorenz's straightforward approach to fashion, combined with his down-to-earth personality and taste for high-end, makes him stand out in the influencer landscape.

Country: U.S. 🇺🇸

Subscribers: 1.1M

One Dapper Street is your destination for all things related to men's fashion on YouTube. This U.S.-based influencer provides comprehensive fashion guides, lookbooks, and shopping hauls. What sets One Dapper Street apart is his approachable style and the versatility of his content, making men's fashion accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Country: Philippines 🇵🇭

Followers: 1.7M

Leading the fashion scene in the Philippines with 1.7M Instagram followers, Liz Uy stands out for her stunning visuals and on-point style curation. She masterfully combines contemporary designs with classic silhouettes. Her content, filled with high-fashion photoshoots and trendsetting styles, captivates her audience and cements her status as a fashion influencer to watch.

Country: India 🇮🇳

Followers: 2M

Karron S Dhinggra has created a massive impact in the Indian fashion scene. Known for his dapper, tailored looks, Karron's content includes styling tips, brand features, and lifestyle posts. His ability to combine traditional Indian attire with western fashion trends sets him apart, making him a source of inspiration for his multitude of followers.

Country: U.S. 🇺🇸

Followers: 2.6M

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Fashion Influencers: Trendy & Popular in 2024 - 4

Hailing from the U.S., Joe's content is a standout because not only is he fashionable, he makes and sews the outfits himself! He became instantly recognizable after his content of making a beautiful dress for his girlfriend who is also an influencer. Not only does he make women’s clothes, but men’s as well.

Country: U.K. 🇬🇧

Subscribers: 4.58M

Roxxsaurus from the U.K. has built a strong reputation in the fashion community. Her content varies from testing viral TikTok clothes, executing fashionable DIY projects, to insightful celebrity fashion reviews. She also frequently shares hauls and fashion hacks.

Country: U.S. 🇺🇸

Followers: 5.8M

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Fashion Influencers: Trendy & Popular in 2024 - 2

​​The Nava Rose has captured the hearts of TikTok users, thanks to her edgy yet cute style and impressive sewing skills. This U.S.-based fashion maven is famous for her ability to repurpose thrifted or old clothes into stunning, on-trend pieces. Her blend of upcycling skills, unique fashion sense, and the sustainability aspect of her content make The Nava Rose a standout figure in the realm of fashion influencers.

Country: U.S. 🇺🇸

Followers: 9.3M

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Fashion Influencers: Trendy & Popular in 2024 - 1

Wisdom Kaye has skyrocketed to fame in the U.S. for his impeccable style and creative content. Known for his visually stunning fashion videos and sharp sartorial sense, Wisdom creates content that not only inspires but also challenges conventional fashion norms. His innovative approach to fashion content, coupled with his unique personal style, truly makes him the “best dressed man on TikTok”.


In a world where fashion is evolving, these influencers keep us connected to the latest trends and unique styles, hailing from different corners of the globe. Each influencer brings their distinct flair to the fashion industry. They inspire, educate, and entertain millions of followers, shaping the fashion landscape as they do.

So, whether you're seeking fresh outfit inspiration, wanting to make a statement, or simply wish to celebrate the diversity of fashion, these are the top 20 fashion influencers you should be following in 2024. Fashion is not just about clothes—it's about expression, creativity, and the influencers on our list encapsulate this spirit perfectly.

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