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Top 20 Fast-Rising YouTubers in 2024

AJ Marketing - Top 20 Fast-Rising YouTubers in 2024

Lights, Camera, Action! It's time to drop the curtain and reveal the top 20 fast-rising YouTube stars that are burning up the screen in 2024. Welcome to a world where play, pause, and repeat aren't just buttons but a lifestyle!

YouTube, our beloved video-sharing giant, has carved out a niche for itself as the second most frequented social platform globally, only playing second fiddle to Facebook. Boasting an impressive 2.4 billion global active users (yes, billion with a 'b'), YouTube is more than just a platform; it's a universe in itself. And within this universe, some stars shine brighter and rise faster than others.

AJ Marketing - Top 20 Fast-Rising YouTubers in 2024 - World's Most Used Social Platforms 2024

There's more to YouTube than just funny cat videos and DIY hacks. In recent years, the platform has become a powerhouse of influence, shaping the landscape of not only pop culture, but also advertising and marketing. The term "influencer" may sound as though it was coined just yesterday, but in the ever-evolving realm of social media, influencer marketing is now as common as selfies at sunset.

What makes these YouTubers so special, you ask? Well, just as a sneeze spreads a cold, these influencers spread trends, opinions, and brands. They've gone beyond being mere content creators to becoming trusted voices and brand advocates, propelling consumer behavior like no traditional advertising channel can. Their charisma, creativity, and connection with their audiences are what set them apart and why we're about to deep dive into the top 20 fast-rising YouTube stars of 2024.

So buckle up. We're in for a wild ride through the land of vlogs, unboxing, pranks, gaming, fashion, beauty, and so much more!

AJ Marketing - Top 20 Fast-Rising YouTubers in 2023 - World's Most Used Social Platforms 2023 - Connect

20 Top YouTubers in 2024 ⬇️

Subscribers: 1.33M

Country: Indonesia 🇮🇩

Topics: Beauty, Makeup

Shining bright from Indonesia, Ijfina Amalia is the best friend every makeup newbie needs. She takes us through easy and fun makeup steps and skincare advice that actually work. Her makeup hauls are like a rainbow of colors! Looking to freshen up your look? Ijfina's got your back.

Subscribers: 1.79M

Country: Thailand 🇹🇭

Topics: Finance, Business, Investment

Meet Thailand's money whisperer, Paul Pattarapon. He makes finance and investment as easy as 1-2-3. From practical tips to insights about Thailand's money scene, he's got it all covered. Subscribe to Paul's channel for a journey from financial jitters to a haven of economic wisdom.

Subscribers: 2.22M

Country: Canada 🇨🇦

Topics: Arts & Crafts, Journaling

From Canada, Amanda Rach Lee turns art and craft into an exciting party. Her bullet journal setups, planner tips, and stationery collections are full of color and creativity. Want to make your daily life a bit more fun and organized? Check out Amanda's lively and helpful videos.

Subscribers: 2.27M

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

Topics: Travel, Adventure

Strap in for a wild ride with Germany's Dhruv Rathee! From hanging out with cheetahs to exploring new countries like Australia, Qatar, and Indonesia, Dhruv brings the world to your screen. Be ready to strap in and get a fresh stamp on your virtual passport with every play button you hit.

Subscribers: 2.4M

Country: South Korea 🇰🇷

Topics: Dance, Choreography, Workout

Tune in to Mylee Dance from South Korea, and your living room instantly transforms into a high-energy dance floor. Her videos mix the fun of dance with the burn of a good workout. Whether it's grooving to catchy pop songs or learning some killer choreography, Mylee's got you covered. Sweat it out and have fun at the same time with Mylee, your perfect dance partner.

Subscribers: 4M

Country: USA 🇺🇲

Topics: Computers, Laptops

It's tech time with JayzTwoCents! This computer whiz from the USA is your guide to everything about PCs and laptops. Whether you're a seasoned tech geek or a total newbie, his videos help you make smarter choices and solve tech troubles like a pro.

Subscribers: 4.11M

Country: Spain 🇪🇸

Topics: Photography, Art

Straight from Spain, Jordi Koalitic is the Picasso of photography. He shares cool photo ideas, takes you behind the scenes of his photoshoots, and teaches you simple hacks that make a big difference. Want to step up your photo game? Hit subscribe on Jordi's channel.

Subscribers: 4.17M

Country: USA 🇺🇲

Topics: Pets, Dogs

Calling all pet lovers! Rocky Kanaka, from the USA, is on a mission to find forever homes for homeless pets. He takes you along his journey across North America, raising awareness and spreading love for our furry friends. Did we mention he also created the show "Save Our Shelter" on Netflix? For a dose of pet rescue tales and a whole lot of cuteness, Rocky's channel is a must-follow.

Subscribers: 4.46M

Country: Philippines 🇵🇭

Topics: Comedy, Entertainment, Lifestyle

Mimiyuuuh, the queen of laughs from the Philippines, brings comedy, lifestyle, and a whole lot of fun to your screen. Known for her hilarious dance videos, she's also shared her journey from a small home to the big time. Join Mimiyuuuh on her exciting ride filled with travel, lifestyle transformations, and countless giggles.

11. Roxi

Subscribers: 4.58M

Country: UK 🇬🇧

Topics: Fashion, Clothing

Say hello to Roxi, your fashion guru from the UK. On her channel, you'll find everything from celebrity fashion reviews and makeup tutorials, to testing viral TikTok products and cool life hacks. Planning to revamp your wardrobe or just need some style inspo? Roxi's channel is your one-stop fashion shop!

Subscribers: 13.9M

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

Topics: Family, Challenges

Get ready for a fun ride with Family Booms from Germany! This lively bunch knows how to turn family time into a party. Their videos are a colorful mix of creative games and challenges that will have you laughing and playing along. If you're looking for some wholesome, family-friendly entertainment, Family Booms is a must-watch.

Subscribers: 17.8M

Country: South Korea 🇰🇷

Topics: Food, ASMR

Welcome to the world of sound and taste with South Korea's Jane ASMR. From candy and dessert to ramen, Jane takes you on a delicious journey with her ASMR mukbang videos. Tune in for a satisfying blend of delightful sounds and mouth-watering food. Jane's channel is a feast for the senses!

Subscribers: 23.4M

Country: India 🇮🇳

Topics: Gadgets, Tech

Step into the gadget galaxy with India's Technical Guruji. His channel is your guide to all things tech, reviewing everything from cellphones and laptops to the coolest tech accessories. And the best part? His videos are easy to understand, making tech fun and accessible for everyone in India.

Subscribers: 25M

Country: Australia 🇦🇺

Topics: Fitness, Exercise

Put on your workout gear and join Australia's fitness sensation, Chloe Ting. Her home workout videos became a pandemic hit, helping people stay fit and healthy from their living rooms. Whether you're looking for a targeted workout or a full-body burn, Chloe's got you covered.

Subscribers: 27.8M

Country: Brazil 🇧🇷

Topics: Automotive, Motor Vehicles, Travel

Gear up with Renato Garcia from Brazil! This automotive master takes you on a wild ride through the world of ATVs, kart racing, drift simulators, and so much more. If you've got a need for speed or just love everything about vehicles, Renato's your man. Fasten your seatbelt, and join him on this journey!

Subscribers: 29.5M

Country: USA 🇺🇲

Topics: Entertainment, Challenges

Brace yourself for a whirlwind of fun with the USA's Brent Rivera. His daring challenges are all about entertainment and laughs. Whether he's eating the world's deadliest food or staying at the weirdest hotels, Brent's videos are sure to keep you entertained.

4. Lia

Subscribers: 34.3M

Country: USA 🇺🇲

Topics: Entertainment, Reaction Videos

Get ready to play and react with Lia, also known as SSSniperWolf. This USA-based influencer brings a mix of gaming, reaction videos, hauls, skits, and all the latest trends to your screen. Whether you're into gaming or love a good laugh, Lia's channel is your one-stop entertainment shop.

Subscribers: 39.7M

Country: USA 🇺🇲

Topics: Kids, Toys

Welcome to the colorful and fun world of Like Nastya! As the biggest kid YouTuber out there, Nastya and her parents create a magical universe where play, learning, singing, and exploration come together. Each video tells an educational story that kids (and parents!) will love.

Subscribers: 40.3M

Country: Spain 🇪🇸

Topics: Gaming, Entertainment

Get your game on with Spain's Elrubius! His channel is like a box of chocolates—you never know what you're gonna get. From horror and indie games to his famous "random" montages of GTA V, Skyrim, and more, Elrubius serves up a variety of gaming adventures. Got your controller ready? Let's game with Elrubius!

1. A4

Subscribers: 51.4M

Country: Belarus 🇧🇾

Say hello to A4, the top influencer on our list from Belarus! Known for his thrilling challenges like spending 24 hours in an elevator or on a roof, or immersing himself in VR for a day, A4 takes entertainment to a whole new level. Brace yourself for some adrenaline-pumping fun with A4!


Our grand tour of the Top 20 Fast-Rising YouTubers of 2024 ends here. From beauty gurus to tech wizards, fitness coaches to comedians, and every charming character in between, these influencers are shaping digital culture one view at a time. Remember, they're not just YouTubers—they're innovators, educators, entertainers, and trailblazers, carving out their own corners in the vast world of YouTube.

So, the next time you need a workout tip, a laugh, a travel guide, or a bit of tech advice, remember these names. These YouTubers make our virtual world a little brighter, a lot more fun, and endlessly informative. Happy YouTubing!

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