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20 Rising Web3 Gaming Influencers in 2024

AJ Marketing - 20 Rising Web3 Gaming Influencers

Web3 gaming is undergoing a revolution, with the rise of blockchain creating new possibilities for how we build and play. At the forefront stand a few visionaries who saw this potential early on. Through social media and streaming, they build communities passionate about the future of gaming - one where players truly own their characters, items have provable scarcity, and creators are rewarded. These leaders educate curious gamers on complex concepts like NFTs and decentralization, while entertaining with their own quirky styles. 

As gaming rapidly evolves, these voices guide us, highlighting incredible innovations that will shape entertainment in the years ahead. Their insight and early adoption drive progress, bringing others along to collaboratively pioneer what lies beyond the horizon. Let’s get to know the rising web3 gaming influencers today! 

AJ Marketing - 20 Rising Web3 Gaming Influencers - CONNECT

20 Rising Web3 Gaming Influencers ⬇️

Followers: 316

Skipper is a beacon for those navigating the vast seas of GameFi on X (Twitter). This researcher at PinkBrains DeFi Creator Studio delves deep into the mechanics and innovations of blockchain gaming. Skipper's content is packed with insights, offering a glimpse into the future of gaming through meticulous research and analysis.

19. Atase

Followers: 1.6K

Atase stands out in the Web3 community, blending creativity with technical prowess. As a developer, artist, and builder, Atase is always on the pulse of what's new and noteworthy. Whether it's curating lists of emerging projects or sharing insights into the Web3 landscape, Atase's content is a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay informed and inspired.

Followers: 7.8K

Elan Halpern is a prominent figure in the Web3 realm. As a Product Manager at the Alchemy platform and a Founding Member of Hello We3 and MyBFF, Elan is deeply involved in shaping the future of Web3 development and education.

17. Nics

Followers: 9.9K

As a Social Media Manager for ZTX and a key player in The Web3 Game team, Nics offers a unique perspective on NFT research, trades, and trends. Followers can expect a blend of expert analysis and personal thoughts, making Nics a go-to source for anyone looking to navigate the NFT market with confidence.

Followers: 9.9K

Kinetic is a visionary founder of Redacted. Leading the charge at Team IND3X app and Sailors Web3, Kinetic provides actionable alpha that empowers his audience. His content is a goldmine for anyone seeking to explore the depths of NFTs, offering insights and strategies that are both practical and forward-thinking.

15. Jak

Followers: 10K

Jak stands out on Twitter for his deep dives into Web3, offering followers a blend of valuable insights and trends. As a key player at On Tilt Media, he brings a unique perspective on creative advertising solutions in gaming and Web3 marketing.

14. N3XT

Followers: 13.2K

N3XT dives into the world of Web3 gaming with a background as a semi-pro CSGO/Dota 2 player. Now a streamer and Gaming Chronicles partner, he shares engaging content and news for gaming enthusiasts.

13. Apix

Followers: 16.4K

Apix blends gaming insights with on-chain analysis as a Gaming Chronicles partner and Wolves DAO member. His tweets offer a unique perspective on gaming charts, successes, and trends within the Web3 space.

Followers: 20.4K

Mat Defies stands at the forefront of Web3 gaming news and humor as the Creator Lead for Play On Owned. A proud member of Wolves DAO and Twitch partner, he delivers the latest news and numbers.

Followers: 24.2K

Hunter Solaire is a strategist and researcher in the NFT space, guiding followers through investing, trading, and farming. He crafts game plans for Web3 gaming enthusiasts and predicts trends in NFT projects.

10. Elisa

Followers: 24.7K

Elisa pioneers the intersection of gaming and Web3 as the founder of E Constellation and an advisor for Play Ember. Her Twitch streams and video uploads are a go-to source for the latest in Web3 gaming news.

Followers: 25.8K

Arndxt offers a curated selection of top Web3 gaming projects, airdrops, and new ventures. His insights provide valuable guidance for those looking to navigate the evolving landscape of blockchain gaming.

Followers: 31.2K

Raiden immerses himself in the Web3 gaming world, sharing insights on Game Chronicles and Mocaverse NFT. He's your go-to for the latest gaming news and events, captivating his audience with every post.

Followers: 34K

Sanjay is a dynamic Web3 gaming content creator and ambassador for SeedifyFund and MocaverseNFT. He not only promotes games but also offers personal codes for discounts, keeping his followers informed on game project numbers.

Subscribers: 74.5K

Cagy.ron is a pioneer in NFT games, the metaverse, and blockchain gaming, with a strong presence on Twitter and YouTube. His journey from providing value on YouTube to a broader vision with Juice News offers monthly rewards and up-to-date insights.

Followers: 79.6K

Crypto Fundamentals is revered as an analyst and investor, breaking down complex charts and making data-driven predictions. His content is educational, offering valuable insights that cater to both newbies and seasoned investors in the Web3 space.

Followers: 85.9K

Wale Moca stands as a prominent figure in Web3, conducting research at Azuki and advising several NFT projects. His journey, featured on NFT Now, highlights his significant contributions and insights into the evolving Web3 landscape.

Followers: 86K

Elena provides a gateway to omnichain NFTs and DeFi, helping her audience stay abreast of the latest projects, news, and trends. Her content is essential for anyone looking to navigate the complex Web3 and crypto space.

Followers: 88K

Stache ignites discussions on AI and gaming, offering informative videos and engaging tweets. His gameplay clips in the Web3 arena are not just entertaining but also enlightening for enthusiasts and gamers alike.

Followers: 113.9K

Yellow Panther, the founder of Gaming Grid X, is a treasure trove of information, sharing lists and rankings of the best Web3 games. His updates on projects launching and news in the Web3 and NFT space are invaluable.


The future of web3 gaming is unfolding before us, brimming with potential. A few thoughtful pioneers guide us on this journey, shining light on new possibilities through their words and actions. As virtual worlds blend with real ownership, these leaders stand with their communities, not above them. They explore mysteries together and unravel complexities side by side. Some educate, others entertain, but all come bearing a spirit of collaboration. The terrain ahead remains largely uncharted, but with these trailblazers igniting curiosity while championing inclusion, we'll map out an exciting frontier together. 

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