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10 Best Beauty Influencers in Indonesia

AJ Marketing - 10 Best Beauty Influencers in Indonesia

Indonesia has always been a hub for beauty and personal care. As the world becomes increasingly digital, beauty influencers from this archipelago are making waves, not just locally but on the global stage. Their unique blend of traditional beauty secrets fused with modern techniques is capturing the attention of beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

The beauty and personal care industry in Indonesia is on an upward trajectory, reflecting the nation's growing interest in these sectors. According to recent projections, the industry is poised to reach an impressive $10.89 billion by 2028. This surge is not just a testament to the increasing demand for beauty and personal care products but also an indication of the trust and credibility that Indonesian beauty influencers have garnered over the years.

AJ Marketing - 10 Best Beauty Influencers in Indonesia - Beauty Industry Indonesia

In this blog, we will delve deep into the world of Indonesian beauty, highlighting the top 10 influencers who are shaping the industry. From YouTube sensations to Instagram trendsetters, these influencers are redefining beauty standards and inspiring millions with their authentic and innovative approaches. Join us as we celebrate their contributions and explore the magic they bring to the beauty realm.

We present the 10 best beauty influencers in Indonesia! Grab your brushes, and start prepping that skin!

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10 Beauty Influencers in Indonesia ⬇️

Followers: 206K

Meet Citta Farenty, the brilliant electrical engineer with a passion for makeup that's as electric as her profession. Crowned the Face Awards Indonesia Artist of The Year in 2018, Citta has carved a niche for herself in the beauty community. Her content is a delightful mix of wear tests, alternative skincare routines, and invaluable makeup tips. But what truly sets her apart is her knack for crafting makeup looks from the most unusual things. Whether it's a makeup challenge or a tutorial, Citta's innovative approach ensures her content is always fresh and engaging.

Subscribers: 588K

Dr. Kamilah Jaidi isn't just your regular beauty influencer; she's an International Certified Aesthetic Doctor. As the proud owner and founder of H&H Skincare and H&H Aesthetic Clinic, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her followers. Dr. Kamilah's content is a treasure trove of information, from addressing the root causes of acne to recommending the best sunscreens. She dives deep into common skincare issues, such as tackling big open pores, ensuring her followers have the best advice at their fingertips. Her educational approach to beauty content is both enlightening and empowering.

Followers: 653.1K

AJ Marketing - 10 Best Beauty Influencers in Indonesia - 8

Step into the captivating beauty universe of Maya Monica, where makeup products come alive in the most mesmerizing ways. Primarily on TikTok, Maya is a master of lipsync and makeup look transitions. She effortlessly blends her love for music with her makeup skills, resulting in content that's both entertaining and visually stunning. One of her specialties is recreating famous makeup looks, and she does so with a flair that's uniquely her own. With each video, Maya offers a fresh perspective on beauty, making her a must-follow for makeup aficionados.

Followers: 783K

Introducing Cindercella, the melodious singer with a penchant for makeup that's as bold as her voice. While many influencers focus on everyday makeup, Cindercella dances to a different beat. Her makeup looks are creative, abstract, and definitely not your run-of-the-mill styles. From avant-garde designs to iconic looks, Cindercella's makeup artistry is a visual treat. Her content is a testament to the fact that makeup is not just about enhancing beauty but also a form of self-expression and art.

Subscribers: 984K

Jemima Livia is on a mission: to help her audience achieve their best glow. Through her in-depth reviews, she offers insights into the latest products, ensuring her followers have the knowledge they need to shine. Jemima has a keen eye for the best skincare products available in the indomarket. With her guidance, navigating the myriad of options becomes a breeze. But it's not just about products; Jemima is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to skincare tips. From the basics to the advanced, she lists out essential pointers that everyone should know. Her genuine desire to see her audience flourish is evident in every piece of content she creates.

Subscribers: 1.02M

Meet Molita Lin, or as her followers fondly know her, Moli. With a cheerful greeting of "Hi, I'm Moli. Welcome to the Channel," she invites viewers into her world of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Molita's content is a reflection of her personal journey, and she hopes to inspire others with snippets from her life. While she dabbles in various beauty styles, her forte lies in creating natural and daily looks that resonate with many. Beyond beauty, her family vlogs offer a heartwarming glimpse into her life, making her channel a wholesome experience for viewers.

Followers: 1.9M

AJ Marketing - 10 Best Beauty Influencers in Indonesia - 4

Dillah Probokusumo isn't just another beauty influencer; she's a trendsetter. Her accolade as the Best of Fashion & Beauty at the TikTok Awards in 2023 speaks volumes about her influence. Dillah's content is a mix of detailed reviews, hauls, and collaborations with big brands like Charlotte Tilbury and Huda Beauty. But what truly sets her apart is her passion for fashion. Not content with just buying the latest trends, Dillah often sews her clothes, adding a personal touch to her style. Her unique blend of beauty and fashion expertise makes her a standout in the influencer community.

Followers: 3.4M

From a young age, Nanda Arsyinta showcased her passion for beauty. Beginning her journey as a YouTuber in 2010, she has come a long way, establishing herself as a prominent Indonesian beauty blogger. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to launch Vluffy, her fashion brand, further cementing her position in the industry. On Instagram, with a following of over 3.2 million, Nanda engages in endorsement blogging, sharing her expertise and recommendations. Her longevity in the industry and consistent growth are a testament to her dedication and the trust she has built with her audience.

Followers: 6.8M

Tasya Farasya is not just a beauty influencer; she's a beauty chameleon. With a flair for transforming her looks, she has captivated over 6 million Instagram followers and amassed an even larger YouTube audience. Her prowess in the beauty sector was recognized when she clinched the title of Breakout Creator of the Year at BeautyFest Asia 2018. Tasya's collaborations read like a who's who of the beauty industry. From global giants like L’Oréal Paris to esteemed local brands such as Mineral Botanica, ElshéSkin, and Focallure, she has left her mark. What truly sets Tasya apart is her ability to seamlessly blend international beauty trends with local flavors, making her content relatable and fresh.

Subscribers: 6.26M

Dive into the colorful life of Sunny from the SunnydahyeIn channel. Sunny's unique background, as a Korean who grew up in Indonesia and now resides in Korea, offers a rich tapestry of experiences that she generously shares with her audience. Her channel, tailored specifically for an Indonesian audience, is a delightful mix of beauty insights, life musings, and more. Sunny's vlogs provide a window into her daily life in Indonesia, touching upon diverse topics from beauty and fashion to heartwarming moments with her family.


In the vast digital space of beauty influencers, these individuals stand out not just for their expertise, but for their authenticity and unique perspectives. Each influencer brings a fresh voice to the table, reshaping the way we perceive beauty. Their dedication to their craft and their genuine connection with their audience make them more than just influencers; they are trailblazers in the beauty community.

As we celebrate their contributions, it's evident that the beauty industry in Indonesia is not just thriving but is being led by passionate individuals who are redefining standards and inspiring countless others. Whether you're seeking makeup inspiration, skincare advice, or simply a glimpse into their captivating lives, these influencers are the go-to sources for all things beauty.

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