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Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2024

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023

Hey, have you heard of TikTok? It's huge in Korea! People love creating and sharing short videos on the app, and it's especially popular among younger generations. You'll find a ton of content on fashion, makeup, and dance, and it's also a great platform for K-pop artists to connect with their fans. And it's not just for fun, businesses are also jumping on the TikTok bandwagon for their advertising campaigns, in order to reach over 6 million users, that's 13.4% of the population.

TikTok Advertising Audience Overview Korea 2023

TikTok has become a major player in the social media landscape in Korea and has allowed influencers to rise to fame and become powerful marketing partners for brands. They have a large following on the app and are able to effectively promote products and services to their audience. Influencers in Korea often have a niche or specific area of expertise which aligns well with the interests of their followers. This allows them to create authentic and relatable content that resonates with their audience.

Additionally, influencers are able to create engaging and interactive content, such as giveaways and challenges, which can increase brand awareness and drive sales. Brands and businesses in Korea have realized the potential of influencer marketing on TikTok and have begun to partner with influencers to promote their products and services.

So, join us as we dive into the world of TikTok influencers in Korea and discover who made it to the top 20 list of 2024.

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2024 - Connect

The 20 Best Korean TikTok Influencers are ⬇️

Followers: 384.9K

Topics: Parenting, Family

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 19

Chae-eun is a new mom and freelance model on TikTok. She shares her experiences and tips on parenting and family life, such as “a day in the life” videos, beauty and fashion products for mothers, and balancing work and parenthood. Her relatable and honest content is a hit with new parents, especially fellow working moms, and she is a great influencer for inspiration and support. She’s already worked with brands like Aveda and Innisfree.

Followers: 416.2K

Topics: Beauty, Skincare, Men’s Grooming

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 20

Meet Aiden Park, a talented makeup artist from South Korea. He's a skincare and cosmetics expert, and his niche is all about men’s grooming. Aiden's TikTok is a one-stop-shop for makeup reviews, tutorials, top lists, recommendations, nighttime routines, and makeup challenges.

He's a pro at making makeup easy and accessible for everyone, even for men. He's also known for his collaboration with some of the top beauty brands in South Korea like Espoir, Snowcell, and Roco.

Followers: 875.8K

Topics: Travel, Couple

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 16

Dongwon is the creator of the popular TikTok page, Hello Dongwon, where he shares short and inspiring videos that showcase the beauty of the world. From picturesque landscapes in Japan to the vibrant streets of Switzerland, he takes his followers on a journey to some of the most visually stunning destinations around the globe.

With a keen eye for color and composition, Dongwon captures the essence of the places he visits and the delicious foods he tries. He also posts some of his adventures with his girlfriend. Follow Hello Dongwon for a dose of wanderlust inspiration.

Followers: 890.8K

Topics: Haircare, Hairstyling

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 15

Meet Aralla, a unique and talented influencer on TikTok. With a background in vocal music, Aralla brings a unique perspective to the world of hairstyling. As a director of Yeungnam University, she's a professional in the hair care industry and her profile is all about providing professional tips and tutorials on hairstyling.

You'll find a variety of hair transformation videos, easy how-to videos and hair care recommendations on her TikTok page. She's also known for collaborating with some of the top hair and fashion brands, so you can expect to see some fresh and creative looks.

16. Sexy Papa 

Followers: 924.5K

Topics: Modeling, Men’s Fashion

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 17

Take a look at Sexy Papa, a Korean model and fashion influencer on TikTok. He's a model known for his good looks, and he even has his own fashion line "Sexy in Your Heart". He’s all about modeling and men's fashion–he shares OOTDs, men's styling tutorials, runway walk videos, and gives tips and tricks on how to look your best. Look at his profile and expect to see some fresh and stylish outfits in his feed!

15. Oning

Followers: 1.2M

Topics: Toys, Accessories

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 13

Oning is an influencer who’s all about kid's toys and accessories, with a focus on kawaii items. Follow her as she unboxes and plays with a variety of toys, including plushies, mini makeups, and Easter eggs. Oning also reviews the latest and greatest toys on the market. Her content is sure to make you feel nostalgic and bring back memories of your childhood. Oning has also collaborated with brands such as Kinder Joy.

Followers: 1.2M

Topics: Fitness, Health

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 18

Say hi to David Park, a fitness influencer on TikTok. He's a guy who's been through the journey himself, starting off as a skinny and unconfident teen, but now he's a pro at helping others gain muscles and confidence. He's all about fitness, workouts, and health and his niche is providing targeted workout routines for specific body parts like biceps, abs, and legs.

You'll find a mix of gym and home exercise routines, as well as tips on diet. He's also known for his collaboration with Trideer, a leading brand in fitness equipment. David's content is motivating and informative, and he's quickly becoming one of the most sought-after fitness influencers on TikTok.

Followers: 1.6M

Topics: Fashion, Lifestyle

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 12

Wanna know the latest fashion trends? Consult Daye Seok! Daye Seok is a fashion influencer on TikTok that can provide you with inspiration. Her expertise is all about clothing and styling, sharing OOTD videos for each season, lookbooks, and mix and match tutorials.

Her content is tailored to the Korean audience, giving them fashionable and trendy looks. She is known for her unique style that is both cute and elegant. She has already collaborated with top fashion brands like Must It, Shein, and Holika.

Followers: 1.8M

Topics: Cars, Drifting, Sports

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 14

Check out the world of cars by looking at Sihyun Park. Sihyun Park is a one-of-a-kind influencer on TikTok. She is a Korea car drift driver and a winner of competitions like Kic Cup Drift and AMC Motor Festival Drift. Her contents include sharing driving videos, giving a peek into motorsport competitions, workout and fitness videos, and car tours.

Followers: 1.9M

Topics: Home Cafe, Food, Beverage

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 11

Let’s move on to Saebom Cafe, an influencer on TikTok who will make your mouth water. This profile is all about home cafes, food and beverage. The creator shares videos of food assembly and beverage preparation, such as dalgona coffee, cinnamon cream latte, butterfly pea milk latte, and many more.

Her content is not only appetizing, but also aesthetically pleasing, making it hard to resist to not try the recipe yourself. She is a great source of inspiration for anyone who wants to up their at-home café game and impress their friends and family with their culinary skills. Follow her and get ready to drool over creations that will make you crave!

Followers: 2.0M

Topics: Gaming, Tech, Fitness, Comedy

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 10

Youngtto is a multi-talented influencer who offers a unique blend of gaming, tech, fitness, and comedy content. He is known for his entertaining and engaging videos that showcase his diverse interests. His niche includes playing blackbox with bloopers videos, showcasing his archery skills, gymnastics and unboxing latest gadgets.

With a growing following, Youngtto is an influencer to watch in the gaming and tech communities. He brings a fresh perspective and a touch of humor to his content, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in these topics.

9. Apoki

Followers: 4.5M

Topics: Virtual Influencer, Dance, Entertainment

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 9

Apoki is a rising virtual star in South Korea, known for her impressive skills as a dancer, singer, YouTuber, and influencer. Since her debut in 2019, she has amassed a large following of over 4 million across different platforms. She is easily recognizable by her signature pink hair and bunny ears.

Her TikTok content primarily features her dancing with her backup dancers, Ova and Dose, who together form the group "overdose." Apoki's music and productions draw inspiration from her favorite groups, BLACKPINK and BTS. Her fame has also caught the attention of brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Shake Shack, among others, who have sought her out for collaborations.

Followers: 6.1M

Topics: Dance, Entertainment

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 8

Sona is a rising star on TikTok, known for her impressive dancing skills and captivating appearance. Her videos are a blend of creativity, production quality and entertainment. Her unique style and signature moves have earned her millions of followers on the platform.

She stands out among her peers with her ability to engage her audience and keep them entertained with her content. Whether it's her creative choreography, visually stunning videos, or her relatable and authentic personality, Sona has made a name for herself on TikTok and continues to be a favorite among her followers.

Followers: 12.5M

Topics: Makeup, Skincare, Beauty

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 7

LuaDoll is a makeup and beauty influencer who provides makeup application tutorials, reviews of cosmetics and skincare, and ASMR content. Her niche includes all types of makeup looks, from everyday routines to bold, creative halloween looks. She is known for her detailed tutorials and honest product reviews, making her a trusted resource for beauty enthusiasts.

LuaDoll's content is comprehensive and covers a wide range of makeup and skincare topics, making her a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs. Her ASMR skincare videos are also a unique and enjoyable addition to her channel.

Followers: 14.6M

Topics: Pets, Dogs

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 6

Miso is a beloved Korean TikTok influencer, who happens to be a dog. Despite not being human, Miso has amassed a huge following of over 14 million fans who can't get enough adorable videos. From picking out the perfect fashion accessories to wear to making the cutest expressions, Miso's content is sure to delight anyone who loves cute dog videos.

The channel is known for its creative challenges, such as navigating through obstacles made of water bottles and toilet paper, which adds an element of fun and entertainment to the channel. Miso's ability to connect with audiences and bring a unique perspective to the platform has made him one of the most popular influencers on TikTok.

5. A Bite

Followers: 16.3M

Topics: Food, Mukbang, ASMR

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 4

A Bite a.k.a Muksna is an influencer who specializes in mukbang and ASMR content. Her niche is all about creating a unique, enjoyable and satisfying experience for her audience. Her videos feature her eating large quantities of food while interacting with her audience, and she also creates ASMR videos that are designed to help her audience relax and unwind. Her mukbang videos are fun, entertaining and offer a unique perspective on food, and her ASMR videos are soothing and calming.

Followers: 17M

Topics: Dance, Entertainment

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 3

Shinsama is a TikTok influencer who has gained media attention for his resemblance to the renowned Korean actor Gong Yoo. He sports the same hairstyle and fashion sense as the actor, making him a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts. In every video, Shinsama can be seen showcasing his impeccable fashion sense and he rarely repeats an outfit.

He is known for being well-dressed and is an excellent influencer to stay current with the latest men's fashion trends in Korea. Although he may not be the best dancer, he brings his own unique flair to his videos, and his personality shines through, making him a must-watch creator.

3. J-COP 

Followers: 19.7M

Topics: Music, Beatboxing

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 5

J-COP is a beatboxing influencer who brings a unique touch of humor to his videos. He creates beatboxing videos that showcase his talent and entertain his audience. His content is centered around the art of making incredible sounds with just his mouth while also trying out things he sees on TikTok and testing out whether or not they’re true. J-COP is known for his creativity and his ability to make his audience laugh with his comedic videos.

Followers: 22.3M

Topics: Men’s Lifestyle, Music, Entertainment

Changha is a highly-regarded singer on TikTok, who has earned a spot on our list of top Korean influencers of all time. He also has a vast following on Instagram and YouTube, and his full-blown covers are also worth checking out! Since launching his TikTok in December 2018, he has amassed a huge fan base. He quickly became the official mascot of Hallyu Com-on Swiss 2020.

His videos feature a mix of singing cover songs, dancing with friends, comedy skits and vlogs. Additionally, he occasionally displays his impressive six-pack abs. He covers many of the top Korean pop songs and has collaborated with some of the biggest and rising stars in the industry, such as DKB, Cherry Bullet, and JESSI.

Followers: 27.4M

Topics: Dance, Entertainment

AJ Marketing - Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Korea in 2023 - 1

Sia Jiwoo is a social media influencer with a strong presence on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. She uploads a variety of content including entertaining videos, vlogs, cover singing, and reviews. Her innovative and creative approach is evident in her videos, like Disney Castle, Mont Saint Michel, Blonde is Back, and A Song That Only Lovely People Can Hear.

Sia Jiwoo is known for being genuine and authentic in her content and actively uploads new videos. She boasts 26.2 million followers on TikTok who trust her opinions and recommendations.


Influencers are a growing force in the world of online content creation. They come from all backgrounds and niches, and they offer a diverse array of content that appeals to a wide range of audiences. Whether you're interested in gaming, beauty, beatboxing, or mukbang, there's an influencer out there who is creating content that will interest you.

Influencers like Sia Jiwoo, Youngtto, LuaDoll, J-COP and A Bite are just a few examples of the many creators who are making waves in their respective niches. They offer a unique perspective and a fresh take on the topics they cover, and they are always looking for new and innovative ways to engage with their audience.

Overall, influencers are an important part of the online landscape, and they will continue to shape the way we consume and interact with content in the future.

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