Top 10 Virtual Influencers in Korea in 2022

Top 10 Virtual Influencers in Korea

South Korea has always been a powerhouse in influencer marketing. Today, the country remains true to its title, being one of the first countries to implement “virtual influencer marketing.” South Korea has made virtual humans who never get old, can go wherever they like, and can do anything they set their mind to.

Virtual influencers are digitally-rendered social media personalities created through AI technology. Virtual influencers have their own characteristics, attitudes, online presence, and style. Some virtual influencers are realistically-made, while others are animated. Some of them even have their own advocacies, like environmentalism or #savingthebees.

In the past years, several niches stood out among the South Korean population. The most-popular types of influencers in the country are lifestyle creators, musicians, gamers, beauty influencers, and sports and health enthusiasts. Among the most-used Today, hundreds of virtual influencers are delving into these niches and are making an impact in social media apps.

Most popular types of influencers in South Korea

If you want to keep up with the latest influencer trends in South Korea, then you must look into its most-followed virtual influencers in 2022. We’ve made the job easier for you! Below, we curated a list of the top virtual influencers in the country. Let’s take a look!

The Best Virtual Influencers in Korea are ⬇️

  1. Apoki

  2. Lechat

  3. Rozy

  4. Lucy

  5. Yua Han

  6. Rina

  7. SUA

  8. Hogonheil

  9. Ria

  10. Woori

10. Woori

Followers: 2.1K

Woori is a digital human created by LSAC Model Management in South Korea. By looking at her creators, it can be obvious what she loves doing–she loves modeling for different fashion brands, offering unique poses and beautiful angles. Her Instagram account is nothing short of a fashion and beauty inspo pool.

Woori has been working with Royal Life, a lifestyle and health brand.

9. Ria

Followers: 2.3K

If we didn’t tell you Ria was a virtual human, we’re sure you wouldn’t even notice. That’s how advanced this influencer is! Ria even has a career–she’s the marketing team leader of Neo ENTDX, the fastest and most natural virtual influencer production company in South Korea. What better way to prove this company’s skills than by making a virtual human as its marketing head, right?

Virtual Ria is also famous on TikTok, with more than 130K followers. Ria offers more than photos; she also dances to the latest sounds, and creates her own songs and album.

8. Hogonheil

Followers: 11.9K

Hogonheil is Korea’s first virtual family composed of three siblings. Ho and Gon are twin brothers, while Heil is their older sister. This virtual family reflects the image of Gen Zs–mischief, hip, and virtual. This family also promotes social awareness on their Instagram, especially about issues on the environment.

These influencers mainly focus on contents about lifestyle, family, and adventure.

7. SUA

Followers: 18.2K

Instagram: @sua_to_z


Sua is a beautiful virtual human living in Seoul, South Korea. Because of her charm and impactful personality, Sua has already worked with brands like Papa Recipe, WAAC Golf, OTR Contact Lenses, and Adidas. Although computer-generated, Sua’s facial expressions are very quirky and human-like, attracting more and more followers as time passes by.

6. Rina

Followers: 31.7K

TikTok: @rina.8k

Rina is a virtual girl from Seoul, South Korea. She was created by Metaverse Entertainment in 2021, and has managed to gain large social media followings in a little over a year. Rina is more of a fashion and luxury goddess who exudes elegance and beauty from all angles.

On TikTok, Rina shows more of her fun and quirky side by dancing to songs and participating in the latest trends.

5. Yua Han

Followers: 45.2K

Yua Han originated from a VR game titled “Focus on You”. She’s now brought to life as a virtual influencer on Instagram. She has already signed a contract with YG KPlus, and has already released a debut single titled “I Like That”.

On her Instagram account, Yua Han posts behind-the-scenes and sneak peeks of her music video production, as well as travels and lifestyle product recommendations.

4. Lucy

Followers: 94.8K

Lucy is a digital creator who loves sharing her daily outfits on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Lucy is “forever 29,” making her a great partner for brands looking for young models. She has been working often with South Korean brand Lotte, and she has also expanded into the NFT industry.

According to her creators, Lucy is more than just a pretty face. Lucy studied industrial design, and works in car design. She usually posts her love for animals and kimbap. Lucy delivers an important message to her followers–to do whatever they want according to their own beliefs.

3. Rozy

Followers: 145K

Rozy is the very first hyperrealistic Korean virtual influencer. She is “forever 22” and she aspires to go anywhere and be anyone she likes. Rozy is a Gen Z who loves adventure and cares about the environment. She often encourages her followers to live environmentally-friendly lives, starting with zero-waste efforts. Rozy’s favorite artists include BLACKPINK, BTS, and PSY.

Her oriental looks and slim body made her a great partner for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands in their influencer marketing campaigns. Rozy aspires to be a leader in metaverse content in the near future.

Rozy’s nickname is “GamSeong JangIn,” which means “expression expert”–a comment on her realistic and expressive face.

2. Lechat

Followers: 3.3M


Lechat is one of the top virtual influencers who has dominated TikTok. Lechat is a music artist managed by A-Fun Interactive, created in South Korea. Lechat’s background is pretty interesting–she came from another planet called “M-City”, and she makes content for the people of Earth because she’s amazed by the population’s spirit.

This influencer was able to gain followers through her adorable face, amazing dance choreographies, and memorable pop music. Lechat can be seen making her entries to the latest TikTok trends, and also making her own easy-to-follow dances. Next time you see her signature cat ears, make sure to hit the follow button!

1. Apoki

Followers: 4M

YouTube: APOKI

Instagram: @imapoki


Apoki is the most-famous South Korean virtual dancer, singer, YouTuber, and influencer today. She only debuted in 2019, but she has now gained more than 4 million followers across different platforms. Apoki is most-recognized for her pink hair and bunny ears. She usually posts dancing videos with her backup dancers named Ova and Dose, which can be read as “overdose” when they’re together.

Apoki’s songs and productions are mostly-influenced by her favorite groups–BLACKPINK and BTS. Since Apoki’s rise to fame, she has been contacted by brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Shake Shack, and many others.


South Korea is a highly social and digitized country. With the type of technology this nation has, there’s no wonder why it is one of the first countries to popularize virtual influencers. South Korea now has hundreds of digitally-created humans across various platforms, specializing in different topics. While some virtual humans post content about fashion, others are more focused on creating music, and lifestyle content.

In the list above, you were given a sneak peek into the new world of virtual influencers. The list shows that these influencers have different personalities, hobbies, talents, niches, and target audience. Virtual influencers can be the new innovative marketing partners of progressive companies.

We hope you were able to keep yourself up-to-date with the newest social media trend in South Korea. To know more about influencer marketing in South Korea, don’t forget to check out the AJ Marketing Blog.

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