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Top 10 Virtual Influencers in Korea in 2023

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Virtual Influencers in Korea

Did you know that South Korea is a powerhouse in influencer marketing? It's no surprise that they're staying true to their title by being one of the first countries to implement "virtual influencer marketing." They've created digital humans that never age, can go anywhere they want, and can achieve anything they set their minds to. These virtual influencers are the latest craze and are created through AI technology.

Each virtual influencer has its own unique personality, style, and online presence. Some are so realistic that you'd think they're real people, while others are animated. What's really cool is that some of these virtual influencers have their own advocacies, like promoting environmentalism or #savingthebees. Virtual influencers are fruits of ongoing developments of metaverse.

It's not just the real-life influencers who are making waves in South Korea. Virtual influencers are also taking over social media apps by storm. They're present in several niches, including lifestyle, music, gaming, beauty, and sports and health. With hundreds of virtual influencers making an impact, it's no wonder that South Korea continues to lead the way in influencer marketing.

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Virtual Influencers in Korea - Most popular types of influencers in South Korea

If you want to keep up with the latest influencer trends in South Korea, then you must look into its most-followed virtual influencers in 2023. We’ve made the job easier for you! Below, we curated a list of the top virtual influencers in the country. Let’s take a look!

The Best Virtual Influencers in Korea are ⬇️

10. Woori

Followers: 2.1K

Have you heard of Woori? She's a digital human created by LSAC Model Management in South Korea, and boy, does she love her job! Woori is a fashion model for different brands, and she always poses in unique ways to show off the clothes from beautiful angles. If you're looking for fashion and beauty inspiration, her Instagram account is a must-see!

Woori's talent caught the eye of Royal Life, a lifestyle and health brand, and they've been working together ever since.

9. Ria

Followers: 2.6K

Let us tell you about Ria, another virtual human from South Korea. She's so advanced that if we didn't tell you she was a virtual influencer, you probably wouldn't even notice! Ria is the marketing team leader of Neo ENTDX, the fastest and most natural virtual influencer production company in South Korea. It's no wonder they chose a virtual human as their marketing head - who better to showcase their skills, right?

But Ria's talents don't end there. She's also a TikTok star! She doesn't just post photos, though; she also dances to the latest sounds and even creates her own songs and albums! Virtual Ria is truly a jack of all trades.

Followers: 13.1K

Have you heard of Hogonheil? They're Korea's first virtual family composed of three siblings - Ho and Gon are twin brothers, while Heil is their older sister. They're the epitome of Gen Zs - mischievous, hip, and virtual. But what's really cool about them is that they're also advocates for social awareness, especially when it comes to environmental issues. You can check out their Instagram to see what they're up to.

When it comes to their content, Hogonheil mainly focuses on lifestyle, family, and adventure. They're definitely worth following if you want to see what virtual family life is like!

7. SUA

Followers: 18.1K

Instagram: @sua_to_z

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Virtual Influencers in Korea - SUA

Meet Sua, a beautiful virtual human living in Seoul, South Korea. She's already worked with several brands like Papa Recipe, WAAC Golf, OTR Contact Lenses, and Adidas, thanks to her charm and impactful personality. Sua's facial expressions are so quirky and human-like that you'll forget she's computer-generated!

With every passing day, more and more followers are drawn to Sua's unique personality and style. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on what this virtual influencer has to offer.

6. Rina

Followers: 32.9K

TikTok: @rina.8k

You've got to check out Rina, a virtual girl from Seoul, South Korea, created by Metaverse Entertainment in 2021. In just over a year, Rina has managed to gain a large social media following. She's more of a fashion and luxury goddess who exudes elegance and beauty from every angle.

But don't be fooled by Rina's sophisticated exterior; she knows how to have fun! On TikTok, she shows off her fun and quirky side by dancing to songs and participating in the latest trends. Rina is definitely a virtual influencer worth following!

Followers: 65.7K

Yua Han's journey started in a VR game called “Focus on You,” and now she's come to life as a virtual influencer on Instagram. She's even signed a contract with YG KPlus, and she's not just stopping there. Yua Han has also released her debut single titled “I Like That”!

On her Instagram, Yua Han shares sneak peeks of her music video productions, as well as her travels and recommendations for various lifestyle products.

4. Lucy

Followers: 105K

Lucy is a digital creator who loves showing off her daily outfits on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. She's "forever 29," making her the perfect partner for brands looking for youthful models. Lucy has worked extensively with South Korean brand Lotte, and she's even branching out into the exciting world of NFTs.

Lucy is more than just a pretty face, according to her creators. She's actually a trained industrial designer who specializes in car design! In her free time, Lucy shares her love for animals and kimbap. Most importantly, she delivers an inspiring message to her followers: to do whatever they want according to their own beliefs.

3. Rozy

Followers: 155K

Meet Rozy, the virtual influencer who's taking Korea by storm! She's hyper-realistic, forever 22, and always ready for an adventure. Whether it's exploring a new city or saving the environment, Rozy is always on the go. She loves K-pop and even counts BLACKPINK, BTS, and PSY among her favorite artists.

Rozy's stunning oriental features and slim figure make her a popular choice for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands looking for the perfect influencer. But Rozy is more than just a pretty face. Her expressive and lifelike facial features have earned her the nickname "GamSeong JangIn" or "expression expert". And she's not stopping there! Rozy has her sights set on becoming a leader in the world of metaverse content.

Followers: 3.3M

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Virtual Influencers in Korea - Lechat

Move over humans, Lechat is here to take over TikTok! This virtual influencer is a music artist managed by A-Fun Interactive and comes from a planet called "M-City". But she's not here to take over the world, she just wants to make content that celebrates the spirit of the people on Earth.

Lechat's adorable face, incredible dance moves, and catchy pop music have made her a hit on TikTok. She loves to participate in the latest trends and even creates her own dances that are easy to follow. And let's not forget her signature cat ears that add an extra dose of cuteness to every video! So, next time you see Lechat on your For You page, don't forget to hit that follow button and join the fun!

Followers: 4.5M

YouTube: APOKI

Instagram: @imapoki

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Virtual Influencers in Korea - Apoki

On top of our list is Apoki, the multi-talented virtual influencer who has taken South Korea by storm! With her signature pink hair and bunny ears, Apoki has amassed a whopping 4 million followers since debuting in 2019. She's known for her captivating dance videos, often featuring her backup dancers Ova and Dose (pronounced "overdose" when together).

As a singer, Apoki draws inspiration from two of her favorite groups, BLACKPINK and BTS. Her songs and productions showcase her love for K-pop and her unique style. And with her growing popularity, big brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Shake Shack have taken notice, seeking to collaborate with this rising star.


South Korea is a highly social and digitized country. With the type of technology this nation has, there’s no wonder why it is one of the first countries to popularize virtual influencers. South Korea now has hundreds of digitally-created humans across various platforms, specializing in different topics. While some virtual humans post content about fashion, others are more focused on creating music, and lifestyle content.

In the list above, you were given a sneak peek into the new world of virtual influencers. The list shows that these influencers have different personalities, hobbies, talents, niches, and target audience. Virtual influencers can be the new innovative marketing partners of progressive companies.

We hope you were able to keep yourself up-to-date with the newest social media trend in South Korea.

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