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5 Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns in India

AJ Marketing - 5 Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns in India

You know that moment when you're mindlessly scrolling through your social feed, and suddenly, an ad stops you in your tracks? Yeah, those eye-catching, creative ads didn't just magically appear. They're the result of tireless effort and months of work, all to make you go, "Ooh, I need that in my life!" When done right, social media content can have a powerful impact on consumer choices. In this article, we're showcasing the most unforgettable SMM campaigns in India that have won over both minds and hearts. So, buckle up and get ready to be inspired by how your brand can achieve similar success in this vibrant market!

The people of India are totally digital nomads, hooked on the internet and social media. With over 462 million users across the nation, they're spending an average of 2.5 hours a day glued to their screens and juggling more than 7 social platforms each month. The top dogs in the Indian social media scene? You guessed it - WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook are leading the pack!

AJ Marketing - 5 Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns in India - OVERVIEW OF SOCIAL MEDIA USE IN INDIA

Picture this: hundreds of international brands are eyeing India as their next big move, and it's no wonder why! From scrumptious food to fabulous fashion, luxurious beauty to wanderlust-worthy travel, and cutting-edge tech, these brands are making waves in this thriving market. Big names like Samsung, Nike, and MAC have discovered a treasure trove of new fans, all eager to engage with their products.

To tap into this incredible potential, these businesses are harnessing the power of social media through strategies like influencer marketing and digital campaigns. Ready to dive in and learn from the best? We've rounded up a stunning array of social media triumphs from brands who've struck gold in India. So, grab a pen and paper, because you'll want to jot down some ideas for your own epic campaign!

AJ Marketing - 5 Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns in India - CONNECT

The Best Social Media Campaigns in India are ⬇️

1. MP Birla Cement: “Flag Without Colors” Campaign

MP Birla Cement, a top-notch cement brand by Birla Corporation, holds a strong presence across India's northern, central, and eastern regions. Their Flag Without Colors campaign brilliantly tapped into the deep emotional connection Indians have with their national flag.

On Republic Day or Independence Day, unfurling the national flag is a heartfelt way for Indians to honor and respect their country. Sadly, visually-impaired children miss out on experiencing the vibrant colors of the flag during these momentous occasions. Enter Birla's ingenious Flag Without Colors campaign: a cement flag that communicates each color's significance through Braille markings.

These one-of-a-kind cement flags were distributed to various schools for the blind across India, empowering visually-impaired students to fully participate in the country's 70th Republic Day Anniversary celebrations.

What made it successful

Birla's triumph in this campaign boils down to three key factors: understanding their audience, presenting a groundbreaking concept, and leveraging both online and offline marketing.

Birla struck a chord with their market by tapping into the cultural significance and emotional resonance of Republic Day. They also broke new ground by creating a flag from their own products, seamlessly integrating their brand into a powerful symbol without diluting the intended message.

To top it off, Birla employed a dual marketing approach. They not only gifted the flags to schools but also documented the entire campaign in a captivating video shared across their social media platforms. With over 1 million views on YouTube, it's safe to say this campaign left a lasting impact!

2. OnePlus India: “#YourBestShot” Campaign

OnePlus, the Chinese consumer electronics brand known for its budget-friendly smartphones with top-notch cameras, set out to make mobile photography and storytelling even more accessible with its #YourBestShot campaign.

To bring this campaign to life, OnePlus employed a three-pronged approach: partnering with the International Photography Awards to launch a global competition for pros, amateurs, and students; introducing a unifying hashtag, #YourBestShot, for contestants to submit their work; and pacing the campaign as a long-term project with different themes unveiled over several weeks.

Emphasizing the message, "Every story is worth sharing. Every shot deserves to be seen. Everyone should take their best shot," the campaign's winners enjoyed dedicated social media features on OnePlus' official channels, cash prizes, and publication in the OnePlus Photography Book. As a result, OnePlus' social media pages saw a massive surge in followers.

What made it successful

OnePlus India hit the jackpot by leveraging user-generated content to skyrocket its popularity. By hosting an engaging competition, they inspired thousands of photography buffs to take their best shot and join the fray using the signature hashtag. The real magic? Social media users created the content for the brand, leading to organic exposure and increased brand recognition.

With minimal effort, OnePlus reaped maximum rewards from this simple yet memorable, consistent, and impactful campaign.

3. Swiggy: “Voice of Hunger” Campaign

AJ Marketing - 5 Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns in India - Swiggy: “Voice of Hunger” Campaign

Swiggy, a food ordering and delivery platform born in Bangalore, India, cooked up a deliciously unique online competition called The Voice of Hunger. The lucky winner of this mouthwatering contest scored a year's worth of food vouchers on Swiggy!

The recipe for this contest was simple. Instagram users recorded their voices using voice notes to create a waveform that resembled the shape of tasty treats like kebab skewers, nachos, pancakes, and more. Talk about perfect timing—Instagram had just launched the voice note feature in 2018. In the first 12 hours, the competition was already sizzling with 10,000 entries!

Soon enough, joining the contest became a trend. Influencers like Rohan Joshi and popular musicians and rappers jumped in, and the results were nothing short of spectacular. Swiggy's campaign bagged 3 Bronze Lions at Cannes Lions 2019, drove a jaw-dropping 2,100% increase in traffic, and boosted their Instagram followers by 40%.

What made it successful

Swiggy's secret sauce in the realm of user-generated content lies in crafting online competitions that their audience can't resist. With fun, easy-to-follow mechanics, full accessibility on their chosen platform, and irresistible prizes, Swiggy knows how to reel in the participants.

But they didn't stop there. Swiggy expertly prepped their followers with Twitter announcements, playful short films demonstrating how to achieve the food shapes, and real-time engagement with contestants. The cherry on top? Instagram banned the contest five times, giving it an extra boost of PR-fueled popularity.

Swiggy masterfully whipped up anticipation and excitement for their main event, ensuring the competition would leave a lasting impression.

4. Spotify India: “There’s a Playlist for That” Campaign

AJ Marketing - 5 Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns in India - Spotify India: “There’s a Playlist for That” Campaign

Spotify, the global audio streaming giant, never fails to deliver show-stopping campaigns. Case in point: their brilliantly crafted There's a Playlist for That campaign.

Launched in 2019, Spotify India covered all their bases before unveiling their eye-catching billboards. First, they created a staggering 3 billion playlists to cater to diverse moods and emotions for a wide range of demographics. Next, they harnessed location-based social listening to pinpoint the tunes their audience enjoyed in specific places. Finally, they strategically placed billboards in locations that matched the listening behaviors of the local demographic. With geo-targeting focused on key traffic intersections, these billboards featured witty one-liners capturing relatable life situations and hyper-local cultural nuances.

Although primarily an out-of-home (OOH) campaign, it still managed to garner over 72,000 online shares, proving Spotify's offline efforts successfully translated to social media buzz.

What made it successful

At the heart of this campaign lies Spotify's goal of deeply localizing its brand and personalizing user engagement. The campaign's creators understand that "in every few kilometers in India, the cultural nuances change," meaning the same song can evoke different emotions for people even in neighboring cities.

Spotify places immense value on catering to specific audience needs, moving away from the outdated one-size-fits-all approach. Campaigns that deliver a message to the general public without considering their distinct behaviors, beliefs, and decisions tend to fall short in effectiveness.

The Indian population comprises thousands of unique segments, and Spotify's campaign teaches us that embracing particularity is the way forward.

5. Tata Cliq: “#MallAtACLiQ” Campaign

AJ Marketing - 5 Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns in India - Tata Cliq: “#MallAtACLiQ” Campaign

Influencer marketing has proven to be a game-changer in today's social media landscape, and Tata CLiQ tapped into this trend with its ingenious #MallAtACLiQ campaign.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing malls to close, Tata CLiQ swooped in to save the day, bringing the mall experience to the Indian market via their Instagram feed. They crafted a four-story virtual mall, complete with shops, food stalls, and gaming stores, all nestled right in the palm of users' hands.

But Tata CLiQ didn't stop there. They enlisted the help of four influencers to act as hosts and guides for each floor, assisting shoppers in choosing the perfect shoes, clothes, and accessories. And as if that wasn't thrilling enough, the top floor housed a cinema theater, food court, and pub, boasting a fantastic ambiance, EDM tunes, and immersive ASMR experiences.

The campaign dazzled over 20 million people, racking up 26 million impressions and over 2.4 million engagements.

What made it successful

The #MallAtACliQ campaign owes its success to its well-conceived design, timely rollout, and seamless execution.

Firstly, the concept of a visually captivating virtual mall offered a refreshing twist on online shopping amidst the pandemic. Its launch was perfectly timed to suit the social climate. Secondly, Tata CLiQ skillfully harnessed all the bells and whistles of the Instagram platform, employing a mix of images and videos in a carousel format and ensuring an appealing overall aesthetic with carefully curated thumbnails. Lastly, Tata CLiQ recognized the power of influencers on Instagram and cleverly enlisted their help to entice users to explore, engage, and shop within their virtual mall.


India is a great option for brand expansion, but this does not come without a challenge. Amidst high social media penetration in the country, users’ feeds are already saturated with different ads and marketing campaigns. It would take great effort, research, and creativity to make an impact in this audience, much like what the brands above have illustrated.

We hope your notebooks are filled with lessons from the most successful social media marketing campaigns in India.

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