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20 Most Followed Asia Influencers on Instagram

20 Most Followed Asia Influencers on Instagram

Are you looking for influencers from Asia to follow? In recent years, Instagram has become a content powerhouse in Asia. Instagram is hosting hundreds of thousands of influencers creating content about lifestyle, travel, fashion, and more. This phenomenon has given rise to the influencer economy. Instagram influencers are earning millions of dollars and are representing some of the world’s leading brands.

Influencer marketing in Asia has proven to be of great success. It is used by start-up companies and already-established brands alike. Influencer marketing helps to form relationships with the audience, and avoid hard-sell advertising. Which is especially important when marketing and advertising in Asia.

Instagram Ad Reach Ranking in 2022

According to DataReportal’s statistics about Instagram in 2022, there are 600 million active Instagram users in all of Asia. Meanwhile, India tops the list for the largest advertising audience reached through this platform. In this rate, utilising this platform is a must to every marketer who wants their brand to succeed in the Asia region.

We have already compiled some of the top Instagram influencers in Asia to help you find the best figure for your future marketing strategy. In this list, we have featured some of the best Instagram influencers from Singapore, Indonesia, China, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, Hongkong, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Top Instagram Influencers in Asia ⬇️

  1. Lisa (South Korea 🇰🇷)

  2. Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina (Indonesia 🇮🇩)

  3. Prilly Latuconsina (Indonesia 🇮🇩)

  4. Kathryn Bernardo (Philippines 🇵🇭)

  5. Davikah (Thailand 🇹🇭)

  6. Patchrapa Chai (Thailand 🇹🇭)

  7. Heart Evangelista (Philippines 🇵🇭)

  8. Naomi Watanabe (Japan 🇯🇵)

  9. Angelababy (Hongkong 🇭🇰)

  10. PONY (South Korea 🇰🇷)

  11. Nora Danish (Malaysia 🇲🇾)

  12. Hanis Zalikha (Malaysia 🇲🇾)

  13. Trấn Thành (Vietnam 🇻🇳)

  14. Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc (Vietnam 🇻🇳)

  15. Jolin Tsai (Taiwan 🇹🇼)

  16. Tanmay Singh (India 🇮🇳)

  17. Victoria Song (China 🇨🇳)

  18. Nessie Judge (Indonesia 🇮🇩)

  19. Jamie Chua (Singapore 🇸🇬)

  20. Yik Keat (Singapore 🇸🇬)

20. Yik Keat

Country: Singapore 🇸🇬

Topics: photography, travel Followers: 1.1 M

Yik Kit is an influencer from Singapore whose feed looks like it’s from a painting. Yik Keat’s Instagram account is perfect for those who favour aesthetic urban photography. This 25-years-old photographer is also admired for his distinct visual style in capturing architectural scenery. Considering his amazing skills, it is no wonder that Yik Keat was included in the 20 Best Instagram Influencers in Singapore in 2021. Aside from travelling and capturing breathtaking sceneries, Yik Keat also promotes several clothing and accessory brands, suitable to the lifestyle of a photographer.

19. Jamie Chua

Country: Singapore 🇸🇬

Topics: fashion, travel, lifestyle

Followers: 1.2 M

Another influencer from Singapore is Jamie Chua. Jamie Chua is a renowned socialite in Singapore who owns several businesses, including her own skincare company Luminous. Her Instagram is filled with photos of her fancy lifestyle, stunning looks, and bag collection. Jamie often travels around the world and posts photos for her followers to see. She most commonly promotes skincare products and clothing brands, making sure she delivers iconic poses in each promotion.

18. Nessie Judge

Country: Indonesia 🇮🇩

Topics: lifestyle, beauty, fashion

Followers: 1.2 M

Indonesian influencer Nessie Judge is originally a Youtube star who has now expanded her following on Instagram. Nessie commonly posts about her life with her family and friends, as well as her travel adventures. Nessie continues to be loved by her followers, as she recommends them her favorite snacks, skincare products, clothing, and TV shows.

17. Victoria Song

Country: China 🇨🇳

Topics: fashion, modelling Followers: 3.3 M

Victoria Song is a former member of a K-pop girl group called f(x), but is now focusing her career as an actress in China. Her elegant posture and luxurious poise made her sought after by classic, big fashion and accessories companies, such as Chanel and Cartier. Besides posting about her photoshoots, modelling gigs, and shootings, Victoria still maintains her connection with her fans by posting ordinary events in her life such as photos of her dogs, and photos of her simply chilling at home.

16. Tanmay Singh

Country: India 🇮🇳

Topics: gaming

Followers: 3 M

Scout a.k.a. Tanmay Singh is an Indian influencer known for his contributions to the esports community. Scout often posts about his livestreams in PUBG Mobile and DOTA 2. His feed also includes photos about his gaming gears and footwear. At the moment, Scout is an endorser for Monster Energy Drink.

15. Jolin Tsai

Country: Taiwan 🇹🇼

Topics: music, fashion

Followers: 4.2 M

Meet Jolin Tsai, a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, and actress with a notable fashion sense. Her Instagram feed is filled with her photoshoots with large brands like Gucci and Nars. Besides extravagant photos of her in her Ugly Beauty Tour and product promotions, Jolin keeps a human touch in her feed by also posting about her dog and her food for the day.

14. Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc

Country: Vietnam 🇻🇳

Topics: acting, modelling

Followers: 4.8 M

This Vietnamese actress and model captures everyone’s heart with her sweet and bright smile. On her Instagram profile, you’ll see her uploading pictures of her outfits, favorite food, favorite daytime activities, and outdoor adventures. Her genuine look made her sought after by big brands like Louis Vuitton, Lazada, and skincare brands like Klairs.

If you want to find out more about other influencers in Vietnam, check out our article about the Top 17 Best Instagram Influencers in Vietnam in 2021.

13. Trấn Thành

Country: Vietnam 🇻🇳

Topics: comedy, lifestyle, food

Followers: 5.2 M

Trấn Thành, a famous Vietnamese actor, has gained himself more than 5 million followers because of his entertaining comedic roles. Aside from promoting his own shows, Trấn Thành also promotes classic, luxurious brands like Dolce & Gabbana, and luxurious fragrances like Roja Parfums. Scroll some more on his feed and you’ll notice that he’s also a certified foodie!

12. Hanis Zalikha

Country: Malaysia 🇲🇾

Topics: lifestyle, parenting, travel

Followers: 6.1 M

Hanis Zalikha is considered as one of the most influential bloggers and actresses in Malaysia. Besides her role as an entertainment figure, Hanis is also a womanpreneur who owns a lifestyle & wellness brand called Toujours Advanced. Hanis’ feed is filled with photos of her and her family on vacations, her favourite foods, and photos of her lovely moments with her kids. Aside from personal memoirs, Hanis also shares to her followers her product recommendations, may it be food, makeup, or travel destinations.

11. Nora Danish

Country: Malaysia 🇲🇾

Topics: entertainment, lifestyle

Followers: 7.4 M

Nora Danish is a famous Malaysian actress, rapper, singer, and businesswoman. She often posts behind-the-scenes photos of television series and movies she is working on, and she also shows off her amazing sense of fashion through her OOTDs. Nora is also known for being an advocate of women’s health and wellness, being an ambassador for the brand Tara Wellness. Aside from this, Nora also shares to her followers some jewellery, food, and beauty products recommendations. Nora maintains her position as the best Instagram influencers in Malaysia.

10. Pony Park

Country: South Korea 🇰🇷

Topics: beauty, makeup

Followers: 7.7M

Beauty enthusiasts are sure to have heard about Pony Park. Park Hye-min or Pony Park is a South Korean makeup artist who owns a popular YouTube channel called Pony Syndrome. On her Instagram page, she shows her remarkable skills by exhibiting looks for every occasion. She is known for creating tutorials for celebrity transformations, and for creating dreamy, euphoria-like makeup looks. Pony openly recommends to her followers her favorite makeup and skincare products.

9. Angela Yeung Wing

Country: Hongkong 🇭🇰 Topics: fashion, modelling

Followers: 9.3 M

Angela Yeung Wing, or more commonly known as Angelababy, is a famous model, actress and singer in Hongkong. Angelababy started her career in 2007, and she continues to dominate the entertainment industry today with her international appearances and TV roles. Her ethereal beauty often makes her listed as one of the most beautiful faces in Asia, and we totally agree! Angelababy continues to be sought after by well-known brands such as Dior and Adidas.

8. Naomi Watanabe

Country: Japan 🇯🇵

Topics: food, comedy

Followers: 9.6 M

The next influencer on the list doesn’t take herself too seriously… and the fans are loving it! Naomi Watanabe is a Japanese comedian popularly known as “the Japanese Beyoncé” due to her imitation of America’s queen diva. Unlike many influencers, Naomi is not afraid to show her true self in her Instagram page, often posting pictures of herself with silly expressions and poses. Even when she does everything with a pinch of comedy, Naomi has still been continually sought after by big brands like Adidas, Vogue Japan, and Shu Uemura.

7. Heart Evangelista

Country: Philippines 🇵🇭

Topics: fashion, luxury, travel

Followers: 9.7 M

Love Marie Escudero, or more commonly known as Heart Evangelista, is a famous actress in the Philippines who has also built her online presence through Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok. Heart often shares about her luxurious lifestyle, from outfits she wears during couture shows, to the vitamins she takes for her glowing skin. Just like her name, Heart gained popularity because of her sweet personality despite living a rich life. Her love for couture brands is very apparent on her feed, and has inspired her followers to work harder to achieve her kind of lifestyle.

6. Patchrapa Chai

Country: Thailand 🇹🇭

Topics: lifestyle, entertainment, beauty

Followers: 13.3 M

Patchrapa Chai, a.k.a. Aum, started her debut in the entertainment industry when she joined a beauty pageant contest in 1997. She maintained her popularity until today as an actress, starring in several TV series and films. Aum’s Instagram feed is filled with photos of her OOTDs, behind-the-scenes of her photoshoots, her activities with family and friends, and, last but not least, her favorite product recommendations which millions of her followers see each day.

5. Davikah

Country: Thailand 🇹🇭

Topics: lifestyle, modelling

Followers: 15.4 M

Davikah’s timeless beauty has made her the top influencer in Thailand. Davikah has shown her wide range of skills when it comes to modelling, from sexy and sultry to sweet and charming. Her Instagram followers reached 15 million, making her listed as the top rank in the Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Influencers in Thailand in 2021. She is a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty icon to most of her followers. Her Instagram feed is filled with stunning photos incorporating her product endorsements which her followers might want to try.

4. Kathryn Bernardo

Country: Philippines 🇵🇭

Topics: entertainment, lifestyle

Followers: 16.5 M

Kathryn Bernardo is one of the most famous actresses in the Philippines, starring in iconic movies and TV series which her teenage fans grew up watching. Kathryn’s feed is filled with aesthetic pictures about her daily activities, including cute photos with her dog and romantic photos with her celebrity boyfriend, Daniel Padilla. Kathryn gained her fans’ loyalty and support, and she continues to inspire millions of Filipinos with her genuine character. Her fans also trust her product recommendations, making her sought after by brands, locally and internationally.

3. Prilly Latuconsina

Country: Indonesia 🇮🇩

Topics: fashion, photography, travel

Followers: 45.5 M

On our Top 3 is Prilly Latuconsina, a well-known singer and web drama and TV series actress in Indonesia. Prilly loves to share about her outfits, food, travel itineraries, and original music. Her feed is filled with not only promotions of her latest shows and music, but also with all kinds of products she recommends. From skincare balms to motorist accessories, Prilly is not afraid to give her fans her opinions on the best of the best brands.

2. Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina

Country: Indonesia 🇮🇩 Topics: entertainment, family

Followers: 59 M

Raffi and Nagita are top celebrities in Indonesia known for owning a production house called RANS entertainment. This influencer couple has caught the hearts of 59 million followers because of their inspiring posts about family, friendship, and parenting. This adorable family has provided their fans with tips and tricks on enjoying family life while still maintaining their adventurous side.

Their popularity has also earned them a spot in the Top 20 Instagram Influencers in Indonesia in 2021.


Country: South Korea 🇰🇷

Topics: music, entertainment, modelling

Followers: 73.3 M

Lisa is the most followed K-Pop Idol on Instagram with 73 million followers in total. Being a member of the world-famous K-pop group, BLACKPINK, Lisa earns the spot of the top Instagram influencer in Asia. Lisa’s following is not limited to South Korea, but has also expanded throughout the globe, including in countries like the United States. Her unique beauty and one-of-a-kind talent made her adored by men and women alike.

Lisa has been featured in international magazines like Vogue Japan and Elle, and has been continuously sought after by big brands such as Bulgari and Celine. Lisa just recently released her first single album, showing that her fame and influence are nowhere near its end.


Marketing strategies have slowly evolved, from hard-sell type methods to soft-sell ones. Instagram influencers have proven themselves effective when it comes to connecting with their audiences, forming a bond, and creating mutual trust–enough that their opinions about brands and products are taken seriously by their followers. Thus, incorporating Instagram influencers in your marketing strategy will more likely bring exposure and conversions, especially in Asia where Instagram is one of the most used platforms by consumers.

If you want to find the perfect Instagram influencer to help boost your brand in Asia, AJ Marketing is ready to assist you. For more interesting creators, check our lists of top YouTube and TikTok influencers in Asia.

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