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11 Top Skincare & Beauty Influencers in India in 2024

AJ Marketing - 11 Top Skincare & Beauty Influencers in India

When it comes to the beauty industry, India is considered one of the largest markets worldwide. If you’re in search of trendsetters who can help you boost your own brand name in the country, this article is just right for you! We came up with a list of the top Indian skincare and beauty influencers whose social media contents encourage Indian consumers to click, add to cart, and check out. With their wide reach and expertise, these influencers have effectively helped brands in their marketing campaigns.

The beauty market has been seeing significant developments in recent years. As of 2021, the skincare, personal care, and cosmetics industries have generated a revenue of 22.34 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to increase to 31.7 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. Changing lifestyles and growing awareness about the importance of personal hygiene and health contributed to these numbers. Additionally, the expansion of e-commerce allowed easier access to products. Social media influencers, therefore, play a vital role in this growth through social media campaigns.

AJ Marketing - 11 Top Skincare & Beauty Influencers in India - Revenue of the Beauty Industry in India from 2014 to 2026

After partnering with brands, content creators develop different strategies to introduce and promote products and services to the target market. A common asset among these influencers is that they enjoy a large number of followers in their social media accounts. Instagram and YouTube remain to be one of the most commonly used platforms for delivering similar contents in India. More followers means a wider audience reach for you, which leads to increased brand exposure, awareness, and conversions!

Identifying the right social media partners for your brand may be taxing, so we did the work for you. Below is a simplified list of the most-consulted skincare & beauty influencers in India at present. Keep reading to know more!

AJ Marketing - 11 Top Skincare & Beauty Influencers in India - Connect

Top Skincare & Beauty Influencers in India are ⬇️

Followers: 44.0K

Meet Yashwant Singh—a skin care enthusiast who is passionate about promoting healthy skin for everyone. You'll find him on social media sharing short videos and reels where he reviews various skin care products, with a special focus on SPF-containing creams, serums, and sunscreens. He also enjoys creating tutorials to show you how to use these products and even shares his own personal skin care routine!

But Yashwant is more than just a skin care guru—he's on a mission to make skin care more inclusive and relatable to all. That's why he offers suggestions for different skin types and showcases alternative products from various brands. He's even collaborating with Cosmo India to spread his message that taking care of your skin isn't just for women.

Followers: 80.8K

Allow us to introduce you to Aishwarya Kandpal—a multi-talented digital content creator who wears many hats as a scriptwriter, videographer, and director. What sets her apart is her unique approach to presenting products through storytelling. It's no wonder why she's gained a loyal following across various industries, including travel, fashion, electronics, and even finance!

Aishwarya believes that videos are a crucial part of consumers' digital lives, and she uses this medium to connect with her social media followers. With her wealth of experience and expertise, she helps her partners develop winning strategies that engage and captivate their target audience.

Followers: 82.6K

Meet Niyanta—she's been a skin care and nail care influencer for over five years now. If you're looking for reliable recommendations on what products are best suited for you, then you're in luck! Her social media posts are full of photos and videos that not only explain the purpose of specific products, but also give you the lowdown on what to do (and not do!) when it comes to skin and hair care.

But Niyanta isn't just all about the latest beauty trends—she's also passionate about busting beauty myths and lies. So if you have any questions about what's true and what's not in the world of beauty, feel free to ask her! She'll even re-post your question on her story with a credible answer.

Followers: 378K

Say hello to Ankita Corallista—a UK-based Indian content creator, blogger, vlogger, make-up artist, and beauty coach all in one! She's a pro at choosing the right products for different skin types, and she shares her skin care stories across multiple platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and her personal page Corallista.

Ankita loves sharing reviews on skincare products and makeup, and she's always happy to conduct tutorials to help her followers look and feel their best. With such a wide reach across various platforms, Ankita is the perfect partner influencer for brands who are seeking more exposure in the market.

Followers: 421K

Rowi Singh is the ultimate lifestyle, fashion, makeup, and skincare influencer in India and beyond. Whether you're looking for makeup tutorials, style inspo, or product recommendations, she's got you covered! Her videos, photos, and other postings are full of concise reviews, so you can trust that you're getting the real deal.

But what really sets Rowi apart is her bold and colorful style - she's not afraid to go all out with her bedazzled looks, and it's something that you don't see every day. In fact, Rowi has recently partnered with big names like Fenty Beauty and Samsung Galaxy - so you know she's the real deal.

Followers: 699K

Meet Malvika Sitlani Aryan - the beauty influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers on both YouTube and Instagram. She's a pro at producing fresh, relevant, and trendy content that helps brands build their reputation and connect with their target market.

Malvika takes a variety of approaches when introducing products to her audience - whether it's through plain descriptions, witty captions, or step-by-step instructions, she knows just how to connect with her followers. With her impressive portfolio including collaborations with the likes of Loreal, Nudestix, and Dyson, it's clear that Malvika is one of the most sought-after beauty influencers out there!

Subscribers: 1.31M

Glory Gust is a renowned YouTuber with over 300 million views and a continuously expanding community of followers. Her channel features makeup tips, tutorials, and recommendations, highlighting the unique benefits and advantages of each product. She effortlessly produces videos with themes that resonate with her viewers, ranging from holiday glam to everyday looks.

But what sets Glory Gust apart is her innovative use of YouTube Shorts to create bite-sized beauty content. Her one-minute videos often garner up to 23 million views and more, cementing her position as a leading content creator in the beauty industry.

Followers: 1.8M

Kritika Khurana, popularly known as ThatBohoGirl, is a multi-talented fashion and design expert. With her extensive experience in writing, producing, and public speaking, she has made a name for herself as a sought-after social media influencer in the fashion and travel industries. Kritika is proud of her professional marketing skills and uses them to produce engaging blogs, videos, and photos that help cosmetics and personal care brands establish their presence in the market.

Her work has already caught the attention of several high-profile brands, including Maybelline, Nivea, PureSense, and Myntra, who have partnered with her to create impactful and effective campaigns.

Subscribers: 3.74M

Meet Rinkal Parekh, a well-recognized video creator who shares her passion for beauty and skincare on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. From easy-to-follow skincare routines to DIY solutions for different skin concerns, Rinkal's videos are your go-to guide for achieving flawless skin. And if you're looking for tips on how to take care of your hair and body, Rinkal has got you covered too!

With Rinkal’s influence and distinctive approach to marketing, she has helped brands maintain their names in the industry.

Subscribers: 5.61M

Looking for expert beauty advice? Look no further than Shanaya! As a personal care, fashion, lifestyle, and beauty influencer, Shanaya has worked with top brands to help them connect with their target audience. Her videos offer comprehensive tips on budget-friendly skincare products that are perfect for your skin type. Plus, she shares the best skincare habits that will make you glow!

Aside from recommending products, Shanaya also provides DIY home tutorials on how to do skincare using natural ingredients. Her innovative mind led her to amass over 4 million subscribers on YouTube today.

Subscribers: 7.34M

Discover Be Natural, the queen of the digital marketing arena with over six million active followers. Be Natural's channel is famous for promoting a "natural" look by recommending the best skincare and beauty products that work wonders for your skin. Her affordable skincare hacks and makeup tips are sure to make you look and feel your best. And with her honest product reviews and recommendations, you can trust her to steer you in the right direction!

Be Natural is an advocate of women’s health, women’s hygiene, and women empowerment. This channel motivates women to feel their best, one video at a time.


The beauty industry in India still foresees a favorable growth in the coming years. Having trusted social media influencers who can expose your products to their followers will surely increase brand awareness and reach. Aside from that, efficient social media marketing will boost your credibility in the market.

We hope you were able to gain new learnings on the role being played by content creators in this niche. This article provides the top Indian skincare and beauty influencers to date and we sure hope that it helped you decide who may be able to represent your brand.

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