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Top 7 Travel Vloggers in India in 2024

AJ Marketing - Top 7 Travel Vloggers in India

Have you ever thought about traveling to India? There are so many breathtaking destinations to explore! From the shopping districts of Mumbai to the beaches of Goa, Indian travel enthusiasts have seen it all. And you know what's even better? These famous travel influencers are sharing their experiences with like-minded fans who are just as passionate about traveling.

In fact, Indian travelers are true wanderlusts who are not only interested in exploring their own country but also the rest of the world. It's no surprise that they spend over 35 billion dollars on online purchases of flight tickets, 8 billion dollars in train rides, and 4 billion dollars in hotels. That's why quality travel content creators are so popular among Indian social media users. Likewise, Indian influencers are favored by businesses in the travel industry, and are sought after for their digital marketing campaigns.


So, without further ado, we present to you a list of top travel vloggers and influencers in India. Follow them to discover some amazing destinations for your next day-off! Let these influencers show you how to find refuge and tranquility in their top-notch travel destinations.

AJ Marketing - Top 7 Travel Vloggers in India - CONNECT

The Top Travel Vloggers in India are ⬇️

Followers: 179K

Shakti's Instagram, Traveling Mondays, showcases his journey capturing India's beauty through photography and filmmaking. Starting in 2015, he now boasts over 179K followers. His content spans various adventures, including trekking and bungee jumping, alongside collaborations with brands like Kerala Tourism and Sony. Shakti's mission is to share his visual experiences of India's splendid landscapes and adventures with the world.

Followers: 219K

Shramona, a former travel blogger turned Instagram influencer and Amrapali Boutique co-owner, captivates her audience with serene travel photography. Her strong presence on social media and storytelling ability earned her a spot in Forbes India's Top 100 Digital Stars. Her content, ranging from India's mountains to Dubai's deserts, aims to transport her followers to peaceful locales worldwide, demonstrating her influence in the travel domain.

Followers: 445K

Siddhartha Joshi, known as Sid the Wanderer, blends photography and writing to share his travel experiences on his blog and Instagram. A TEDx speaker featured on Discovery India, Siddhartha reviews wanderlust-friendly products and captures diverse locales like Singapore and Kyrgyzstan. His unique perspective and engaging content make him a must-follow for travel enthusiasts.

Subscribers: 593K

Larissa's travel passion, rooted in childhood biannual family trips, has flourished into a journey of patience, joy, and grounding. Beyond adventures, she diversifies her content with lifestyle, DIY, beauty, and fashion on her channel, earning recognition from Forbes India, Cosmo, and Exhibit. Larissa's multifaceted approach to sharing her experiences resonates with a wide audience, cementing her status as a prominent influencer.

Subscribers: 643K

Kritika Goel embraced a life of freedom by quitting her job to travel globally, sharing her adventures through vlogs on YouTube, where she has amassed a significant following. Her content spans travel, lifestyle, food, and productivity, offering practical advice on visas, cruises, packing, and more, aiming to inspire others to explore the world's best places with ease.

Followers: 1.2M

"Bruised Passports" is where Savi and Vid, a globetrotting married couple, document their travels and life together on Instagram. With over 15 years of extensive travel, their account is rich with beautiful photography and travel tips, including itineraries, accommodation suggestions, packing guides, and budgeting advice, serving as a source of inspiration and practical guidance for couples seeking to explore the world together.

Subscribers: 1.35M

Navankur Choudhary, known as Yatri Doctor, transitioned from medical school to become a full-time travel vlogger, exploring the world solo by hitchhiking and on a tight budget. Having visited countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, and Japan, he aims to see every country at least once. His channel is popular for its honest vlogs, sharing both the highs and lows of his travels, resonating with viewers for its authenticity.


India doesn’t run out of beautiful places to offer, and adventurous people who like to see them. Naturally, its people would be mesmerized by these places, making them grow fond of traveling and exploring. This also makes travel content creators loved by many–these influencers give practical tips to those who plan on making their journey.

Above, we gave you a list of the best travel influencers in India today. These influencers have seen almost every corner of India and the world. We hope you were able to find the account you’ll consult next time you have a day-off!

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