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Top 7 Travel Vloggers in India in 2023

AJ Marketing - Top 7 Travel Vloggers in India

Have you ever thought about traveling to India? There are so many breathtaking destinations to explore! From the bustling shopping districts of Mumbai to the stunning beaches of Goa, Indian travel enthusiasts have seen it all. And you know what's even better? These famous travel influencers are sharing their experiences with like-minded fans who are just as passionate about traveling.

In fact, Indian travelers are true wanderlusts who are not only interested in exploring their own country but also the rest of the world. It's no surprise that they spend over 13 billion dollars on online purchases of flight tickets, 6 billion dollars in train rides, and 3 billion dollars in package holidays. They also love staying in hotels, vacation rentals, and cruises. That's why quality travel content creators are so popular among Indian social media users. Likewise, Indian influencers are favored by businesses in the travel industry, and are sought after for their digital marketing campaigns.


These travel influencers can be found on various platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube. Some share stunning photos of their travels, while others take you on a journey through their videos.

So, without further ado, we present to you a list of top travel vloggers and influencers in India. Follow them to discover some amazing destinations for your next day-off! Let these influencers show you how to find refuge and tranquility in their top-notch travel destinations.

The Top Travel Vloggers in India are ⬇️

Followers: 119K

Are you a fan of breathtaking travel photography? Then you should definitely check out Shakti's Instagram page, Traveling Mondays! Shakti is not just a photographer, but also a filmmaker and travel influencer who captures India's most beautiful places through his lens. Shakti started vlogging in 2015, and he has now gained more than 119K followers on IG.

Shakti’s mission is to give everyone the chance to see what he sees during his journeys. Shakti’s content covers anything about adventures–from trekking, swimming, bungee jumping, to taking workations. He has also already worked with several brands, such as Kerala Tourism, Discover Northeast, Sony, Sennheiser, and many more.

Followers: 183K

If you're looking for travel inspiration on Instagram, look no further than Shramona! She started as a travel blogger and has now become a popular travel influencer with a strong social media presence. Plus, she's also the co-owner of Amrapali Boutique.

Shramona aims to weave stories through her thoughts and her travels. Shramona’s quality content and undeniable fame brought her to the Top 100 Digital Stars of Forbes India. From the mountains of India to the deserts of Dubai, Shramona’s followers can feel peace through her photos.

Followers: 416K

Are you a fan of travelogues, stunning travel photos, and travel tips? Then you should definitely check out Siddhartha Joshi's blog and Instagram account. He's a talented photographer and writer who captures the essence of his travels in a unique and captivating way. Siddhartha is also known as Sid the Wanderer because of his blog. Aside from those mentioned, this influencer also creates reviews of products which are beneficial to wanderers.

Siddhartha is also a TEDx speaker, and has likewise appeared on Discovery India. On his IG feed, you’ll find him sharing photos from Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Myanmar, and so much more!

Subscribers: 538K

Imagine quitting your job to travel the world and live a life of freedom! That's exactly what Kritika Goel did, and she documents her exciting life through vlogs on her YouTube channel. Join her hundreds of thousands of subscribers and see the world through her eyes. Aside from travel, Kritika also creates content on lifestyle, food, and productivity.

Kritika also wants other people to get the opportunity to see the best places. With this, she also shares tips on how to get visas, which cruises are best to try, tricks on packing for trips, and many others.

Subscribers: 588K

Larissa’s love for traveling started with her family’s practice of going on biannual trips when she was a kid. Since then, Larissa’s enthusiasm only grew fonder. Larissa believes that traveling helps people develop patience, find joy, and stay grounded.

Aside from going on adventures, Larissa also shares lifestyle, DIYs, beauty, and fashion content on her channel. Larissa’s fame has already been recognized by Forbes India, Cosmo, and Exhibit.

Subscribers: 1.02M

Meet Navankur Choudhary, also known as Yatri Doctor! He's a graduate from a medicine school who decided to become a full-time travel vlogger. Yatri Doctor travels alone around the world, and tours different countries by hitchhiking and with minimum expense. Yatri Doctor has already been to Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Nepal, Japan, and so many others.

Navankur lives by the words “life is short,” so he has made it his mission to visit all countries of the world at least once. Yatri Doctor’s channel is much loved because he provides honest and transparent vlogs, sharing not only the good side of his trips but also the bad.

Followers: 1.2M

Are you looking for some #couplegoals inspiration? Check out the IG account "Bruised Passports"! Savi and Vid are married content creators who share their love for travel and each other through stunning photos and engaging content. Their passports are “bruised” because they’ve been traveling extensively for over 15 years now, collecting stamps from different countries.

Aside from inspiring other people to see the world with the person they love, Savi and Vid also give their followers pro-tips for traveling. From itineraries, accommodation suggestions, packing guides, and tips for budgeting, their account has it all.


India doesn’t run out of beautiful places to offer, and adventurous people who like to see them. India is home to a hundred different majestic destinations where one can find calmness, peace, and love. Naturally, its people would be mesmerized by these places, making them grow fond of traveling and exploring. This also makes travel content creators loved by many–these influencers give practical tips to those who plan on making their journey.

Above, we gave you a list of the best travel influencers in India today. These influencers have seen almost every corner of India and the world. These creators are trusted by their audience when it comes to knowing what products to bring, where to stay, which food to try, and which activities to experience.

We hope you were able to find the account you’ll consult next time you have a day-off!

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