Top 20 YouTubers in Vietnam in 2021

Top 20 YouTubers in Vietnam in 2021

In 2021, YouTube is one of the most popular creator platforms. The number of accounts on YouTube has reached more than 2 billion people.

YouTube is more than a channel for entertainment. It is also an effective way to become famous and earn money. This is the reason why being a full time YouTuber is gradually becoming a HOT HIT profession.

Due to the COVID-19 being a full time YouTuber is more common than ever before. We live in a world where almost all activities are stopped, entertainment and making money online is a priority.

Not inferior to other countries, Vietnam is also a home to wonderful YouTube creators with a huge number of followers and high incomes. There are more than 1,000 YouTube channels in Vietnam with at least 300,000 subscribers per channel. You can discover some of them by clicking links bellow: - 250 Most Subscribed YouTubers in Vietnam - Top 100 YouTubers in Vietnam Sorted by Subscribers - 50 YouTube Channels in Vietnam

With this post we aim to present a deeper look into Vietnam’s YouTube scene. Share information about YouTuber career, background and aspirations. We hope this post will be helpful for readers who want to discover some awesome creators in Vietnam.

Let's take a look at the TOP 20 most prominent Youtubers of 2021 in Vietnam - Based on the number of subscribers!


1,190,000 subscribers

Opening the list at No. 20 is a young 16-years-old girl sharing topics in her daily life such as: going out to eat with friends, one day at school, how to decorate the room according to the theme. Jenny Huynh is also a tourist “fanatic”, she often shows off her luxury travel moments in many places like the UK, Singapore, Thailand, Japan.

Although the content is simple, the vlogs are arranged quite cute, suitable for teenage trends, so she is watched by many of her peers. Even with the video on the plane, she brought nearly 10 million views.


1,260,000 subscribers

Holding a higher position is the cult Beauty Blogger, also founder of the cosmetics brand Ofelia - Changmakeup. She has officially become the first female beauty blogger in Vietnam to receive a golden button thanks to more than 1 million followers.

Well known from the lipstick swatch clips, sharing makeup tips as well as a number of areas in daily life, Changmakeup is definitely a name too familiar to Vietnamese girls.

Her warm Hanoi voice and beautiful plump lips are definitely the two most attractive points for audiences to her channel. She always receives a lot of compliments as well as requests to review products from drugstore to luxury.


1,410,000 subscribers

Her pretty face and her friendly and sincere vlog are loved by many young people, especially girls. The main topics are targeted to be very normal issues such as taking care of cats, cleaning the house, practicing singing for the first time, etc.

In addition, Giang Oi also mentions many issues that young people care about in modern society: study abroad, English learning, life skills, weight loss, love, travel, cosmetics and green lifestyle.

Behind the YouTube channel "million views" are inspirational stories about a girl who dares to live, dares to be passionate, throws herself into experiences to have a colorful and admirable life. Perhaps that is the reason why she became one of the most inspirational characters in 2019.


1,730,000 subscribers

Living in Vietnam for 10 years, Woossi - a Korean 9x boy, is currently emerging as a YouTube phenomenon of young people with a humorous way of talking, although Vietnamese is still "kiddy" but rustic and sincere.

Woossi launches YouTube channel ‘Woossi TV’ - sharing cultural and human experiences as well as introducing simple Korean and Vietnamese dishes, eating at famous places in Ho Chi Minh City, etc, to Vietnamese viewers, especially young people.

He also had many dining combinations with other celebrities such as Yang Soobin, hot streamer MisThy, etc.


2,060,000 subscribers

Known for many shocking statements, Ngoc Trinh is a name that has never cooled down in more than 10 years.

Besides sublimation modeling career, Ngoc Trinh also became a movie actress and especially her Youtube channel also received a lot of followers with a lot of interesting content.

With her "huge" income, Ngoc Trinh often buys branded products as well as regularly travels to the most luxurious places in Vietnam as well as internationally.

The series unboxing of her deluxe products is hand-delivered with dizzying hair. Especially unboxing episode 06 with top fashion brands such as HERMES, LOUIS VUITTON, etc makes fans extremely satisfied and reaches almost 7,000,000 views.

15. H&M Channel

3,030,000 subscribers

Le Hung and Bach My also used all their time just to play pranks on their lovers with all kinds of tricks such as pretending to have a baby, shaving off the opponent's eyebrows.

They also do interesting series named WTH when both perform strange challenges from fans like makeup under 2m deep in the pool, sun tattoos, etc, then recording the clip and uploading it on Youtube.

It sounds fun to be the main thing. But not! They earn hundreds of millions each month from Youtube with tens of millions of extremely viral videos on social media.


3,510,000 subscribers

The next ranking belongs to AnAn's children's Youtube channel. An adorable, bright little girl with an innocent smile and hobby of playing like all other children is the main character of this million-view Youtube channel.

Revolving around daily activities as well as family outings, and especially experiencing the most authentic toys of AnAn is the content that appeals to child audiences.

Although she is still very young, AnAn is extremely confident in speaking fluently and naturally. Baby toy reviews always have a high and stable audience.

Cute, funny, pure will be the words to accurately describe this little girl.


3,620,000 subscribers

Anyone who regularly follows the electronic and game market is no stranger to this famous Pewpew guy. PewPew became a professional game commentator and in the end, he became one of the pioneers in the field and is currently growing extremely strong in Vietnam.

Thanks to his handsome appearance, super storm slashing ability, humor, youthfulness and attractive confidence, his livestreams attracted tens of thousands of audiences.

In addition to his personal channel, he also donates on stream, caster at tournaments, receives advertising contracts, works as VJ (video jockey) and is a guest of TV shows, etc.

Besides game content, PewPew's Youtube channel also has funny reaction videos, interesting daily vlog and his own sharing for fans as well as reviewing eating and having fun.


3,770,000 subscribers

“Xin chao co chu, xin chao cac ban, xin chao, xin chao”, if you know this lovely greeting, then exactly, you've come to Quynh Tran JP & Family!

Quynh Tran JP and her son, Sa, were a "fever" in Vietnam last year through natural and lovely moments of sharing, cooking and eating unique dishes.

The saying that leaves the most impression in each of her clips is "Chao co chu di con". It is like a slogan of hers, since then has also been transformed into a meme by the online community and has become a phenomenon on social networks for a long time.


4,100,000 subscribers

Still a channel on the topic of food and home cook, but all the food is "super huge" in size!

Known as a "social networking phenomenon", Ba Tan Vlog is a familiar name to most social network users from young to old in Vietnam. An old woman with a small and sincere body hosted the channel with a close voice.

Have you ever seen a giant bowl of fruit? 100 grilled spicy chicken wings, 200 fried sausages or a 60 liter cup of pearl milk tea? Ba Tan Vlog's channel will definitely help you widen your eyes!


4,770,000 subscribers

Still hungry? Let's meet Opps Banana! He is a Vlogger specializing in posting experience videos about food, travel or technology products.

Thanks to his charm and closeness, within a few years of joining the world's largest video social networking platform, Oops Banana has earned me a large fan base.

His channel is filled with interesting content about the culinary experience, as well as culinary challenges and adorable footage of his cat and his girlfriend. The sharing of his travel experiences in Vietnam and abroad is also a welcome news for the audience.


4,810,000 subscribers

Topping the list of "TOP 10 prominent creators" on Youtube of 2020 announced by Google is the Do Mixi of MixiGaming channel.

With tens of thousands of live views in each livestream, Do Mixi always creates refreshing laughter and relaxing moments in its own way. Not only playing games, watching movies, the patriarch also has interesting talk shows.

He also released a funny song "Stream until ever" to "uncover '' what he has to face as a streamer.

Youtube Channel Mixi also received a lot of attention and excitement through the everyday moments of him and his small family. His cheerful, positive lifestyle and charming communication ability must be the reason why fans are always waiting for all of his products.


4,960,000 subscribers

Comedian Tran Thanh, also known as Vietnam's national MC, is also one of the top creators at Youtube. As one of the leading artists in Vietnam, Tran Thanh has a huge fan base thanks to his charming, cheerful speaking ability, warm vocals, acting talent, production as well as personality, noble, close.

After the great success of WebDrama Bo gia last year, this year's Bo Gia theatrical film has become a big hit that marked his great success in the Vietnamese film market and is expanding out of Vietnam.

His Youtube channel has a huge number of followers from Web Dramas with interesting content, comedy and funny daliy moments of him and his family and close friends who are other famous artists.


5,660,000 subscribers

You can hear, see, video clips of Tony TV at any house if there are children in Vietnam!

Simple and natural scenes in the context of a small countryside in Cao Lanh, Dong Thap, Vietnam record entertainment activities, as well as perform interesting challenges of the channel owner, Mr. Vo Phuc Vinh and a group of children here are the main content of this channel.

Different from the cult Youtube channels about games, luxury life or food, Tony TV is a very sincere entertainment channel in terms of content but still has a loyal fan base, especially young audiences.

Tony TV channel is One of the channels with the most subscribers in Vietnam at the moment that is not only for kids but also attracts many adults. Phuc Vinh has become one of the rare people who owns 2 golden Youtube buttons, extremely influential.


5,940,000 subscribers

"Vietnam's top female streamer", "Vietnam's highest-earning female Streamer", MisThy is always mentioned with such outstanding nicknames.

MisThy is a beautiful girl with personality, not only a famous streamer in the gaming community, she is also loved by many people thanks to her witty and energetic way of talking.

Her video series are known to many people such as: Livestream, LOL, 80FM, etc. She also shares and talks with fans about personal life as well as entertainment videos, reactions, and travel tips.

She also received a lot of jealousy from KPOP Fan when she had the opportunity to meet and interact with the famous Korean girl group MOMOLAND.

Moreover, MisThy has also appeared in many famous music videos such as Jack's Em gi oi, Nguoi than quen with Thanh Duy. She also participated in many other sitcoms such as Cau la ai, and other TV programs.


6,610,000 subscribers

Lam Vlog Youtuber is quite famous in the YouTuber community, also known as Vlogger for the young. This rustic guy specializes in the review of cuisine, travel, and performs many challenges somewhat "crazy".

In particular, the series of 24-hour experiences drifting in the river, in steel houses, paper prisons, living on the street, etc, has a quite high view. His channel has always been loved by many audiences because of his honesty, simple charm through each clip he uploaded.

At the end of November 2019, Lam Vlog stood at No.1 in the Top 10 most quality YouTube channels in Vietnam announced by Social Blade. In 2020, he continued to be on the list of nominees in the Hot YouTuber category of the year at WeChoice and then surpassed his competitors to be honored at the top position.


7,320,000 subscribers

Are you having a bad day? Visit Hau Hoang channel this now, as her videos are sure to make you smile!

Possessing a lovely face, diverse expressions along with a cute voice are the attractive highlights in each clip of Hau Hoang, this helps her quickly win the hearts of the online community.

After remarkable success, Hau Hoang also appeared as an actress, cameo of a series of MVs of famous singers in Vietnam such as, Het yeu that sao by JSOL, Sao anh chua ve By AMEE, etc. After participating in the reality show "Sao nhap ngu", Hau Hoang became even more famous when she was enthusiastically supported by the fans for her love story with Mui Truong Long.


8,890,000 subscribers

Dubbed "The Queen of Youtube for Children", Tho Nguyen is one of the most popular YouTube fans in the online community, with entertaining videos for kids, with main content about toys, cooking instructions.

Simple dishes, handmade toys instructions, fun challenges and popular among young people, her youtube channel now has millions of followers.

The channel Tho Nguyen is quite famous in Vietnam and once helped her receive the golden button of YouTube with 1.4 million followers.


9,550,000 subscribers

Through streaming (live) popular titles, Cris impresses fans with humor and the face was declared "holy expression".

Humorous, funny, and incredibly smart - that's how Cris Phan "dominates" Youtube with a lot of content from game reviews, parodies, food reviews, or reaction videos.

Since he was married hot girl Mai Quynh Anh, Cris Phan has participated in more art activities such as Ky tai thach dau, On gioi cau day roi..., web-drama Nha co qua troi phong, Bo Gia, new MV of Thai Trinh and the latest is a martial arts film of producer - director Ba Cuong - Vo sinh dai chien.

Maybe after you watch his first video, you will continue to watch 10, 20 and then a hundred videos with unique and humorous content.


9,620,000 subscribers

Leading the TOP 1 position of this chart is none other than Nguyen Thanh Nam, a Vlogger from Thai Binh, he specializes in posting clips to experience new things that no one has ever tried to attract viewers.

Nguyen Thanh Nam's Youtube channel has millions of followers and interactions, mostly children. Most of his videos are with craziest ideas such as: Try to stick 5000 iron marbles on the face; Try to explode 1000 balloons; Build a house with 5000 plastic cups; Grill with aluminum, etc.

No noisy marketing or getting involved in showbiz, the special thing that makes NTN Vlogs' videos always have a lot of views is not only in the content of different people, but also in the “shock” headlines. Because of that, he successfully achieved 3 silver buttons and 4 gold buttons from Youtube platform.

To Sum Up

It can be seen that the content creation industry on Youtube Vietnam has made many changes with remarkable achievements through the 20 excellent names above.

The efforts from ideas, content, to the process of making and producing finished products show us a very professional and professional investment, not just entertainment. This is certainly the reason why Vietnam is in the TOP 5 of the largest global markets of Youtube.

This billion-dollar online industry has been and will be a growing trend in the future, so in Vietnam, besides TOP 20 mentioned above, there are still countless channels of extremely interesting content that you definitely can not miss!

Have you found a suitable Youtube channel to follow or collaborate on? Stay tuned for other interesting articles only available at AJ Marketing!

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