Top 20 YouTubers in Taiwan in 2021

Top 20 YouTubers in Taiwan in 2021

Taiwan is one of the most digitallized economies in the world. In 2021, there were 21.45 million internet users in Taiwan - 90% of total population. Absolute majority of Taiwan internet users are on western social media platforms with YouTube being especially popular in Taiwan.

Taiwanese people are searching YouTube for a wide range of topics from entertainment and gaming to product reviews. YouTube creator community in Taiwan covers every major aspect of people’s life. Taiwanese YouTubers are getting more popular and more professional. They are extremely fun to watch!

To help you discover more great creators from this fascinating country, we have created the list of Top 20 YouTubers in Taiwan in 2021. Let's check it out!


Subscribers: 1,090,000

Hello Catie is a YouTube beauty guru in Taiwan. This young woman creator received a lot of support from beauty fans in Taiwan thanks to her professional makeup ability.

Her main content includes: style lookbooks, makeup tutorials and beauty product comparisons. In addition, Hello Catie shares her daily activities through the daily Vlog series.


Subscribers: 1,260,000

Sandy and Mandy are known as the most famous twin creators in Taiwan. These lovely twin sisters show their ability to dance and perform in front of the camera.

They have grown a lot during the past few years and now create a much more mature content. Sandy Mandy regularly upload dance cover clips and daily lifestyle videos with family and friends.


Subscribers: 1,310,000

Do you love food? Are you passionate about cooking? Masa is sure to help you to cook some delicious and easy meals!

Masa is a chef born and raised in Japan, with experience in French cuisine. He studied in Canada and after studies moved to Taiwan to grow his career.

This professional chef always makes the audience hungry with ingenious cooking tutorials! Even more surprising is his fluent Chinese skills!


Subscribers: 1,370,000

Saint is a lifestyle and entertainment creator. He creates content about a wide range of topics: music, food, technology, finance and even crypto currencies.

Saint is loved by brands because of his versatility. He can promote almost any product and make it fit organically to his channel!


Subscribers: 1,440,000

Anju started her channel 7 years ago with a focus on computer games. Since then her YouTube channel has expanded significantly.

In 2021, Anjou is creating content about toys, lifestyle diaries and product unboxing. She is not shy to appear in front of the camera, as well as to handle all post-production work.

Anjou used to be an international student in Japan, so she often produces content about life and travel in Japan.


Subscribers: 1,490,000

Tweeted Shoes is a YouTube channel by a young man who loves knowledge and sharing ideas. He is creating videos about society trends, political affairs and interesting historical facts.

Tweeted Shoes researches, summarizes and reviews global content creating his own video in Chinese. If you like to think and discover hidden knowledge, follow him!


Subscribers: 1,540,000

Bacihi Princess is a YouTuber who is also a film producer, post-production editor and actress.

In the early 2010s, she became known for voice acting in a popular animated comedy. Later on she also appeared in movies: "Petitious Girl Unprofessional Meal Time", "Crazy Corner", "Who will become the crazy fool?”, "Great discovery", etc.

Baichi Princess has many talents. On YouTube she creates various lifestyle and entertainment videos. She never disappoints her viewers.


Subscribers: 1,540,000

WACKYBOYS is a Taiwanese Youtube channel founded in 2012 by a group of friends. WACKYBOYS was founded by 5 members and since then expanded by adding more talented members.

Channel members have different specialities. For example, Cool is responsible for directing and editing. Sun Sheng is responsible for the production management. Wei is content facilitator and scout.

WACKYBOYS create entertaining content such as parody videos, music videos, talk shows and interviews. Channel content is about social issues, lifestyle, dating, fashion style, and more.


Subscribers: 1,640,000

This young girl's YouTube channel will definitely be the best choice for food lovers! It is being run by Qianqian, a charming nurse with a huge appetite. Qianqian is currently one of the most popular YouTubers in Taiwan, and she is also the most subscribed female YouTuber in Taiwan.

The main content Qianqian produces is about the topic of food, eating and experiencing the rich food culture of Taiwan. She also travels and reviews the cuisine of other countries. Thanks to her ability to eat a lot and make food look tasty her viewers cannot stop watching.


Subscribers: 1,720,000

Can only sisters be close and share everything with each other? Wrong! The Huang Brothers will show you that brothers also have a very close connection. Huang Brothers is an attractive Taiwanese YouTube channel, owned by two brothers, brother Huang Yongzhe and younger brother Huang Tingwei.

Channel content is about brothers’ daily life. The unboxing of the products, and also the extremely soothing cover songs that have attracted nearly 2 million followers. Contents such as grandma's house activities, pranks and music videos have received a lot of love.

10. DE JuN

Subscribers: 1,800,000

De Jun is known as one of the top gamers in Taiwan. He has a large gamer fan base and female fan audience. De Jun has the ability to play games well and has charming appearance.

The difference of this creator is his humor and wit in all the videos. He turns all the games into extremely entertaining movies that attract viewers.


Subscribers: 2,040,000

CROWD is a YouTube channel created by a young couple, Jia Ning and Andy. Couple is known for an eye-catching style. Married at a relatively young age, the two still tease and love each other like a new couple, making viewers even more excited.

Main channel contents are creative pranks and daily vlogs of the young couple's life.


Subscribers: 2,090,000

It is a program produced and broadcast live on Internet TV by McCabe. Led by 6 talented MCs: Tai Zhiyuan, KID, Winnie, Yang Yang, Xie Kunda and Abe Maria. What started out as a video game variety show, became famous for its talk shows.

On this channel you will find a lot of interesting content from daily activities, the after-work dinner section and gaming content.


Subscribers: 2,090,00

Joe is a Taiwanese gamer, YouTuber, and former professional esports critic. He was an esports commentator during his college years, and won the 2011 "StarCraft II" e-sports poll.

His YouTube channel produced a lot of interesting content including interviewing famous people online, reviewing products, and also about food and travel. His videos of discovering Taiwanese street food are also very popular among domestic and foreign audiences. Joeman introduces Taiwan's culture in a profound way.


Subscribers: 2,490,000

If you are a big fan of Japanese Anime culture, don't miss this YouTube channel! The main contents are piano covers of Japanese anime and game songs. Pan Piano has a huge dedicated fan base.

All of her videos are very elaborate, especially the performance costumes. She also received a lot of compliments on her hot figure in beautiful cosplay costumes.


Subscribers: 2,490,000

Cai Aga started the YouTube channel by posting funny videos with the theme "Love Taiwan" in 2014. Since then it has attracted a record of millions of fans on Facebook and YouTube. In November 2017, Cai Aga formed a band with four other Youtubers and created many HIT music videos.

Cai Aga often shares videos about daily life with his family, travel experiences, and funny moments at work.


Subscribers: 2,610,000

MineCraft trend is gradually taking over most of the YouTube gaming channels in Taiwan. Kouki is one of such gaming channels. Kouki is a young man who is passionate about producing clips about games, not only MineCraft but also games with a bit of horror.

Kouki also posts other content like vlogs, detailed game guides, etc. Entertaining and not boring are the two biggest reasons why his YouTube channel attracts nearly 1 million views per video.


Subscribers: 2,660,000

This young dad brought home the YouTube golden button thanks to his drawing talent and excellent works of art on canvas. Jaylee’s passion for drawing and the desire to share art inspired him to set up a YouTube channel. It is not surprising that his efforts have been appreciated!

With clips that teach drawing from basic to advanced levels, he is like a color wizard that helps viewers learn quickly. With regular posting frequency, his channel has a high stable view count.


Subscribers: 2,670,000

Ray Du English is a useful and interesting English education channel for Chinese-speaking viewers. It is hosted by siblings Ray Du and Crown Du. Their unconventional approach to English education has been positively featured in various Taiwanese media outlets.

Both Ray Du and his sister Crown Du graduated from the well-known Fu Jen Catholic University Department of English Language and Literature. In addition to the education content, viewers also love the channel because of the fun and entertaining communications.


Subscribers: 3,410,000

Topping the list of YouTube channels in Taiwan is none other than This Group of People (TGOP) with nearly 3.5 million followers. Starting their YouTube channel from simple high school dramas, this group of young creators has become widely known for creating mini dramas and comedies.

With members who are all talented actors, TGOP quickly won the love and attention of a large number of viewers. In addition, this channel released several HIT pop music videos.


Taiwan YouTubers stand out for creative content, high video quality and professional editing. Thanks to their talent and hard work, Taiwan creators attracted tens of millions of fans.

Taiwanese people love YouTube content and their interest will keep increasing in the future.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, as there are many other great YouTube creators in Taiwan. If you want to discover more, click the links below!

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