Top 20 Most Popular Youtubers in Thailand in 2021

Top 20 Most Popular Youtubers in Thailand in 2021

As the world's largest online media platform, YouTube is loved by users all over the world and especially in Thailand. In Thailand, YouTube is known as the Media King - it is the top online entertainment platform to most Thai people.

According to Google, 75% of Thai people love long-form content on YouTube. With political vlogs closely monitored, most Thai influencers focus on lifestyle and entertainment. Thai bloggers cover everything from where to find the best night market in Chiang Mai to the latest gaming, tech, music and make-up trends.

Due to the rising popularity of YouTube in Thailand, many brands have started to build their YouTube channels or partner with Thai creators. Partnering with creators empowers brands to connect with customers authentically.

Youtube is more than just a way to reach large audiences. It is a way for brands to create, interact with customers and tell their own brand story in the next level.

We present you with Thailand’s most popular YouTubers in 2021.


Subscribers: 1,040,000

If you are interested in health and regularly exercise, then you will definitely know the Bebe Fit Routine channel.

The owner of this million-view sports channel is Bebethan Chanokritthinaka, an admirable girl because not only is she beautiful, but her academic ability is also considered excellent in many fields, including roles. be a teacher. Or in the field of self-care, especially the exercises she produces are always posted often.

Her content makes it easy for viewers to follow any exercise techniques, she also shares scientific eating tips to easily get in perfect shape.


Subscribers: 1,080,000

Let's meet a beautiful, energetic beauty blogger - Mintchyy! Her YouTube career started out simply as a desire to share daily makeup secrets. However, after a period of operation, she loved this job even more and began to invest more seriously from buying cameras and learning to edit.

From that very effort, from just a young girls who love to apply makeup brushes on eyelids and cheeks, Mintchyy or Mint Samcha Asavaniw now become a young Youtuber who has turned into content, exercise, and vlogs that convey her daily life, gained more than million subscribers!


Subscribers: 3,600,000

Bearhug is a Youtube channel founded by 2 popular YouTubers Sunbeary and Kan Atthakorn, they are also the owners of the hottest brand of bubble tea with Thai youth called Bearhouse.

Mr. Kan, one of the two founders of BearHug channel is also the owner of channel "Nerd Creator", here, he presented, discussed and shared his experiences on how it works on YouTube and start up.

It's because of those experiences, only established in 2018, but the YouTube channel of the two young people has attracted 3.6 million followers with funny video clips and creative communication skills. The channel's content is mainly about travel, eating, or simply about their daily life. The channel is also loved for its useful sharing of business and startup secrets.


Subscribers: 3,690,000

PRIMKUNG is a creator of Online Station who specializes in creating overall storytelling content that is both humorous and inserts many different ideas for viewers, he is known on Youtube from the clip about his experience in the army.

Currently, PRIMKUNG is constantly producing new content. But the content that is of interest right now is "Nee Yap Prim" and "Relax with Nong Prim" that bring fun to viewers.

In addition to telling funny stories and clips, PRIMKUNG also made a whole series of Garena Speed ​​Drifters, a mobile driving game.

16. NATE & MEE

Subscribers: 3,690,000

When talking about Thailand's top Youtuber, the name of this couple will surely come to mind! As a lovely couple when he is Italian, she is Thai, the two often post clips about eating, traveling, entertainment and daily life.

As a foreigner who can speak Thai well, as well as being knowledgeable about Thai culture, Nate always receives a lot of public attention. Moreover, the pranks between him and his wife always storm the online community because they are too funny.


Subscribers: 4,070,000

Known as a talented artist with many emerging songs such as: ฝากคนที่รักให้เขาดูเเล, โอ้แม่แก้วตา, etc, his YouTube channel also attracts a lot of fans because of his funny and approachable personality.

His series of reaction clips to clips on TikTok also received a lot of views. He also regularly livestreams about the game field as well as sharing his interesting moments with his friends.


Subscribers: 4,250,000

Bes Rakwanee Kamsing, eldest daughter of former boxer Somrak Kham Sing, launches YouTube channel called Kamsing Family Channel in collaboration with her younger brother, Boat Phuwarakkham Sing as a lifestyle channel with various stories in family life.

A close and lovely YouTube channel are two words that can describe the content of Kamsing Family. Merely recording the daily, weekly or vacation activities of a family including parents, daughter and brother, but this YouTube channel attracts a huge number of followers.

The main content of the channel is the content created and filmed by Nong Bass, her daughter and all edited by herself. Check out this YouTube channel, you will surely love your family more and want to be with them more than ever!


Subscribers: 4,320,000

Pimlada is known to many people thanks to the beautiful pictures on the Chang Inter site, which normally has hundreds of thousands of followers. With her attractive appearance and multi-talented in other fields such as MC, dancing, and modeling, she attracts a lot of followers on her channel.

Sharing experiences about food, travel, hometour, as well as performing challenges from fans in a fun style is the main content on this girl's YouTube channel.


Subscribers: 4,540,000

Another good choice for children, and families here! Fun Family is a funny YouTube channel with funny short videos about daily family life, school and school environment of children and young people. The main character of the channel is the girl Bia Bua with a very natural and creative acting ability, she is also the main content editor of the channel.

In addition to the main actors who are family members, Fun Family's channel also has the appearance of friends and neighbors of this family, adding more diversity and fun to the clips.

In addition, young people also review new dishes to help you open your eyes!


Subscribers: 4,930,000

With her unique and eye-catching looks from her colorful dress and makeup style, Chickypie has really set herself apart from other YouTube channels.

You probably remember the challenge of "full face" that was broadcast on YouTube in 2017. Chickiepie's video definitely goes for it. Not only does she cover her entire face with rhinestones, she also goes to dinner with her sparkly face. THAT'S commitment to a video.

It is also a food review content, but with a larger number and size and a series of humorous expressions that always bring endless entertainment to viewers. She also caught the attention when doing the challenge of eating all 48 Donuts with more than 10,000 calories!


Subscribers: 5,030,000

As a diverse and extremely dynamic entertainment channel, My Pony focuses on providing entertaining clips from performing challenges, catching trending trends on TikTok.

This young girl's YouTube channel is always filled with funny entertainment content to help you relax after tiring working hours. Not to mention is the series that survives on her doorstep with cooking and living activities that will give you a good laugh.

In addition, the content of ASMR dining reviews on specific topics such as all pink and all purple dishes is also extremely interesting.


Subscribers: 5,410,000

SpriteDer SPD or Sprite Jane Natirattanapaiboon a young man with a teenage face, nice smile, always greeting followers with a good mood. He is the best streamer and YouTube creator in Thailand now.

He is also known as the boyfriend of YouTube queen “Kaykai Salaider”, the two also founded their own company called Slider Production Co., Ltd., a company specializing in advertising production and video clip production.

His content for fun, travel, and weird challenges is what viewers care about most. Specifically, the clip recording his 24-hour car activity a few days ago also attracted more than 4 million views.


Subscribers: 5,530,000

Xcrosz was born and raised in a typical family of copiers. The first game he hit the alley was The Sims at the age of 7-8, this is also the series that makes the Xcrosz channel grow.

He is a famous gamer when he built himself a professional Esports team called Qconfirm with many prestigious awards from empty hands.

The guy's YouTube channel focuses on the main content is the game live stream, besides he is also regularly about other technology products. With the ability to talk funny and diverse expressions, he always brings laughter to his followers.


Subscribers: 6,400,000

Not all successful Thai vloggers are adults and not all are self-starters. A young YouTuber extremely popular with young people and families alike, Briana's Secret Club TH is appreciated for its high production value, professional lighting and graphics that are not inferior to traditional TV.

The show covers topics like travel, tours, activities and education, all presented through games and galleries for a variety of product placements and advertisements from Toy Box - the company child-owned and operated channel marketing.


Subscribers: 6,660,000

A Korean guy, living in Thailand with a great passion for food! He's been expanding his food interests and vlogs about his own favorite foods and drinks, as well as doing the latest challenges on YouTube. He also has the ability to sing very well through many covers.

With the frequency of releasing a new video every week and his Korean-boy-band looks, he has accumulated a large number of followers in less than 5 years and also runs one of Thailand’s most popular Instagram feeds.


Subscribers: 6,760,000

VRZO was originally started by three friends filming in the bedroom. They became so popular that they expanded into a full office, complete with a support team of about 40. They have posted more than 1,400 videos, attracting more than six million subscribers in the process.

Fans who love laughter often make a series of requests for the group to ask diverse questions to the members. Everyone's genuine reaction is the whole point and the results will be polled at the end of each video. They also often play games and post many videos on different topics like travel, prank, pets.


Subscribers: 7,010,000

Have you felt hungry yet? Even if it's not good, you should not ignore Phunat Wivattaphattananan's culinary YouTube channel!

Surely this guy is not a strange name for food lovers in Thailand. With a series of eating videos, extremely sharp food reviews coupled with his "oh my" expressions will make you crave and just want to eat immediately.

With the main content in that channel is the trip to discover the best restaurants in the sky of Thailand. The difference must be said that the amount of food at a time is probably about 3-4 times that of the average person. The interesting thing about watching this channel is wondering if he can eat all the amount he says? Easy as game!

This is certainly not something everyone can do.


Subscribers: 12,700,000

Krit Boonyarang (aka Bie the Ska) began his YouTube career while studying for an engineering degree: with a satirical lip-synch video of a tune by famous Thai singer Sukrit Wisetkaew (whose nickname is Bie the Star). But it was his parody of Korean star PSY’s huge hit Gangnam Style that earned him a big surge in popularity.

Following this success, he founded Ska Film in 2013, producing 10- to 15-minute shows about lifestyle, fashion, food and travel for various YouTube channels.


Subscribers: 13,800,000

Naiyarat “Pang” Thanawaigoses - aka zbing z. - is one of the few popular female streamers on Asian YouTube.

She founded her channel in 2012, reviewing new releases and exciting immersive voice technology. She uploads videos every day and she even has another channel devoted to travel, food, and daily life videos.


Subscribers: 15,100,000

This young lady is the first Thai YouTuber to reach over 10 million subscribers! This pretty Bangkok student focuses on producing comic videos with exclamation marks, punctuation with sound effects and supported by fun music.

Content mainly focuses on trips around Thailand with family and friends - engaging in light and challenging adventure activities. Her YouTube success has led to roles in Thai movies and TV shows and she has also officially launched her own makeup brand.


The number of social media users in Thailand increased by 3.0 million (+5.8%) in 2021. It clearly shows how important it is for brands to focus on developing social media and content channels.

YouTube is the largest social media and content platform in Thailand. Collaborating with YouTubers will help brands to win in this market.

We hope this article is useful to learn about Youtubers in Thailand today. Maybe you can find interesting entertainment channels to watch yourself or even find the ambassador for your brand.

And if you still want to know more about other YouTubers who are active in Thailand, check out the websites below:

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