Top 20 Instagram Influencer in Taiwan in 2021


In an era where digital is developing dramatically like today, it is easier for people to connect with each other through the use of online social media platforms, it also brings countless new opportunities for people. marketing industry.

And one of the leading marketing trends today is influencer marketing. Not just celebrities, influencers can be anyone, any field as long as they have a huge and loyal following.

Taiwan is also quick to incorporate this trend into their marketing strategies. With over 21.45 million internet users and 19.70 million social media users, this is exactly a potential market for brands.

Admittedly, Instagram is the preferred social network for most Taiwanese youth. There are over 3,610 influencers in Taiwan with between 1,000 and 10 million followers.

So are you ready to meet the 20 hottest influencers in Taiwan this year? Whether you like keeping up with the latest in fashion and beauty tips, need some fitness inspiration, or are planning your next vacation, you’ll love seeing these influencers in your Instagram feed.

Don’t live in Taiwan? You’ll still be enthralled, we promise!


Followers: 107,000

Fashion; Lifestyle

Vintage, classic, like a trip back in time. Rui's clothing choices reflect her vintage glamour taste. She pulls out an extremely ruffled top with a jean skirt and cute sandal while walking her toddler around. Not to mention pairing that with a hairband and a handbag. Not everyone likes it, but we adore it. It's dreamy.


Followers: 254,000

Fashion; Lifestyle

Her outfits, layout shots and everything in between are monochromatically good. Hannah Yang is as glamorous as that girl who stays in the Ritz, Paris. Who says you need to be loud to be one? Aptly named, her blog is called Hannah's Fashion List, and she showcases well-curated outfits.


Followers: 321,000

Fashion; Travel

Based in Taiwan, Natalie is a fashion, skincare, and makeup blogger that likes to travel and share her beauty and styling tips on YouTube as well as her travels and foodie adventures on Instagram.


Followers: 384,000

Fitness; Model

Jessica isn't your typical fitness influencer, she usually shows her curves and works towards highlighting, not reducing. She is a strong and beautiful mama to boot. You can see a lot of what she eats and what she cooks to help her reach her fitness goals.


Followers: 417,000


Food never looked this good, nor will it ever look cuter. 4foodie is a food account run by four girls, spanning 3 countries in 2 continents. Expect variety and a grumbling stomach afterwards.


Followers: 565,000

Dance; Lifestyle

This handsome dancer owns a large number of female fans due to his skillful dancing and of course his outstanding visuals. His cover dance clips and choreography also trended on social media.


Followers: 683,000

Lifestyle; Family

This is exactly a modern family full of fun and happy energy with mom, dad and a lovely daughter. This family will bring you tips on family care, parenting and even interesting travel.


Followers: 753,000

Fashion; Model

One of Taiwan’s most popular influencers, Molly Chiang has an Instagram following of over 704k and for a good reason. This fashion influencer, artist, and model gives her followers a unique inside look at the life of a celebrity fashionista.


Followers: 793,000

Fitness; Model; Beauty

Female Cheerleader with fiery body and lovely face of Rakuten attracts nearly 800,000 followers. She shares about daily life, how to practice to stay fit and how to mix clothes always bring a high number of interactions.

11. KIMI

Followers: 878,000

Food; Beauty; Fashion

With the title "High School Goddess", Kimi is the most sought after and favorite online photo model. Sharing the main content around the topic of beauty, self-care and eating, she is also very supportive in special makeup tutorial clips.

10. YUCI

Followers: 896,000


The top female YouTuber in Taiwan regularly updates her images and daily activities from eating, traveling and even behind-the-scenes images when she edits content on her YouTube channel. You will realize that this girl is beautiful and poses no less than a model!


Followers: 928,000

Lifestyle; Fashion

Once an outstanding international student in the United States, the pure Asian beauty combined with the exquisite European style is a huge plus of NiNi. Visit her Instagram, you will immediately be attracted to the beautiful pictures of everyday life.


Followers: 1,000,000

Art; Lifestyle

This girl's charming heart-shaped lips and deep-set eyes bring out the unmistakable classic beauty of this girl that has "cut the hearts" of many followers. She and her pet cat often drop a very cute figure and are likened to Lisa of Taiwan.


Followers: 1,000,000

Music; Fitness; Fashion

The Malaysian-born female singer often posts beautiful and positive images to help viewers have more motivation to stay in shape and live healthier. Her perfect body is what many girls dream of!


Followers: 1,000,000

Lifestyle; Beauty

The princess of Taiwan's YouTube industry often shares everyday images with relatives and friends as well as beauty secrets. Looking at her positive and cheerful images will bring a lot of positive energy!


Followers: 1,100,000

Lifestyle; Fashion

Roy is a member of the popular boy band TFBoys, also known for many other roles as songwriter, television host and actor. Followers love the "behind the scenes" pictures of him shared here.


Followers: 1,400,000

Kid; Lifestyle

The 4-year-old kiddo of popular YouTuber Agai Tsai is the owner of this Instagram account with more than 1 million followers. This account shares fun and cute pictures of the two lovely Tsai brothers and funny moments of them playing.


Followers: 1,500,000

Fashion; Lifestyle

This versatile female artist is both a famous Taiwanese singer, actress and television host with many achievements when participating in hit movies. Her account is filled with youthful, trendy and extremely high-fashion images at work and in everyday life.


Followers: 3,300,000

Music; Fashion

She is famous throughout Taiwan thanks to her artistic talent revealed from a very young age. Nana is fluent in many musical instruments from guitar, piano and even cello. Besides, her acting talent was also confirmed through the coming of age romance film Secret Fruit and the cyberpunk action film Bleeding Steel.


Followers: 4,200,000

Music; Fashion

Jolin Cai is a Taiwanese pop singer that's best known for her risqué on-stage costumes and daring videos, but lately, she has also become a rising fashion influencer and passionate supporter of the LGBT community with over 3.3 million Instagram followers.


The majority of social media users in Taiwan regularly search for and trust influencers for their health, fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle choices. Therefore, influencer marketing is definitely an optimal marketing strategy for businesses.

Taiwanese people have access to foreign social media and use these platforms extensively and freely. Especially during COVID-19, we clearly see very high engagement on social media, first as a platform for information sharing and then as a platform for news. Therefore, finding the best influencer for their target market can be considered the biggest challenge for marketers.

Have you checked out all 20 featured accounts above? If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know who should be added to the list.

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