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Philippines Social Media Agency : 7 Mistakes to Avoid

AJ Marketing - Philippine Social Media Agency : 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Picture this: You're a business owner in the Philippines, and you've heard that social media advertising is all the rage. In fact, in 2024, a whopping $499.1 million was spent on social media ads in the country, marking a 10.6% increase from the previous year. This means that social media ads now make up 28.3% of the entire digital ad spend in the Philippines. The numbers don't lie - social media advertising is a top choice for businesses looking to make a splash in the digital world.

Social Media Advertising Overview in the Philippines

Now, you're thinking of diving headfirst into the social media frenzy, and you've got your eyes set on partnering with a Philippines social media agency. But wait! Before you take the plunge, it's crucial to be aware of some common pitfalls that businesses often stumble upon when working with social media agencies.

In this article, we'll walk you through the seven mistakes you need to sidestep for a successful social media partnership that can help your business soar to new heights. Buckle up, and let's dive in!

AJ Marketing - Philippines Social Media Agency : 7 Mistakes to Avoid - Connect

7 Mistakes When Choosing a Philippines Social Media Agency 🔽

Mistake 1: Target Market Mysteries

Not Knowing Your Philippines Target Market First

AJ Marketing - Philippine Social Media Agency : 7 Mistakes to Avoid - 1

Imagine you're throwing a fabulous party, and you want to make sure everyone has a blast. You wouldn't randomly pick a theme, select music, or choose food without considering who's on the guest list, right? The same logic applies to your social media strategy. Knowing your target market is like having a well-curated guest list that ensures your content resonates with the right audience.

In the Philippines, social media users come from various backgrounds, age groups, and interests. Launching a campaign without first identifying your target market is like shooting arrows in the dark - you might hit something, but chances are you'll miss the mark. So, embark on some market research, create detailed buyer personas, and let your social media agency know who they should be crafting content for.

With your target market in focus, your social media campaigns will have a much better chance of hitting the bullseye.

Mistake 2: One-Platform Wonders

Choosing an Agency Specializing in One Platform Only

AJ Marketing - Philippine Social Media Agency : 7 Mistakes to Avoid - 2

Picture yourself at a buffet with a diverse spread of mouth-watering dishes, but you're only allowed to fill your plate with one type of food. Boring, right? The same goes for choosing a social media agency that specializes in just one platform.

Filipino social media users are known to be active on an average of 8 platforms each month, with favorites like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter taking the lead. Limiting your campaigns to a single platform is like leaving a buffet with a partially empty plate—you're missing out on so much more.

To make the most of your social media investment, you need an agency that can navigate the ever-evolving landscape of multiple platforms. This way, your brand can reach a wider audience, engage with diverse segments, and maximize your online presence. So, when searching for your ideal social media partner, choose an agency that can juggle a variety of platforms with finesse, and watch your digital buffet flourish.

Mistake 3: The Age Gap Trap

Choosing an Agency with No Young Filipino Marketers

AJ Marketing - Philippine Social Media Agency : 7 Mistakes to Avoid - 3

Do you remember playing the classic game "Telephone" as a child? The more people in the chain, the more distorted the message becomes. When it comes to connecting with your audience, knowing what they like, how they think, and what they believe in is essential.

In the Philippines, the majority of social media users fall within the 18 to 24-year-old age bracket. So, picking an agency with no young Filipino marketers is like playing a game of "Telephone" with your target audience—you might end up losing the essence of your message.

To bridge the age gap and truly connect with your audience, it's crucial to choose a social media agency that employs young Filipino marketers. These individuals can offer invaluable insights into the preferences and behaviors of the country's most active social media users. By having young Filipino marketers on your team, you'll be able to craft campaigns that genuinely resonate with your target audience, fostering stronger connections and maximizing the impact of your social media efforts.

Mistake 4: Video Content Vacuum

Going with an Agency with No Knowledge in Video Content

Close your eyes and see yourself visiting an art gallery, but instead of a colorful array of paintings, sculptures, and installations, you're faced with a single, monotonous wall of text. Not very appealing, is it? In the world of Philippine social media, video content plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of users. With 44.9% of Filipino social media users seeking online video content, and video platforms like YouTube hosting countless vlogs, it's clear that engaging visuals are essential for success.

Choosing an agency that lacks video content expertise is like trying to fill that art gallery with nothing but text. To truly captivate your audience, you need an agency that understands the power of visuals and can create eye-catching, share-worthy video content. So, when picking your social media partner, make sure they have a proven track record in video production and storytelling. With an agency that knows its way around video content, you'll create a vibrant gallery of engaging visuals that will leave your audience wanting more.

Consider Globe Telecom’s "#CreateWithLove" series on YouTube, which features inspiring stories of individuals who use Globe Telecom's services to pursue their passions and make a difference in their communities. These videos showcase how the brand's tech offerings empower Filipinos to pursue their dreams and create meaningful connections.

By utilizing engaging video content, Globe Telecom not only demonstrated the value of its products and services but also built an emotional connection with its audience, reinforcing brand loyalty and trust.

Mistake 5: Influencer Network Neglect

Selecting a Philippine Agency with No Influencer Network

What if you're planning an event and you've invited the most well-known personalities in town? The buzz will be undeniable, and everyone would want to be there. The world of social media influencers has a similar effect. In the Philippines, 46% of social media users follow influencers and experts, making these personalities a powerful tool for boosting your brand's visibility and credibility. Choosing an agency with no influencer network is like hosting a party without the star-studded guest list—you're missing out on an enormous opportunity to amplify your message.

When selecting a Philippine social media agency, it's vital to look for one with strong connections to local influencers. An agency with an established influencer network can help identify the right personalities to collaborate with and create campaigns that effectively engage your target audience. By tapping into the power of influencer marketing, your brand can ride the wave of social media buzz, reach new heights, and create lasting connections with your audience. So, don't neglect the influencer network—make it a top priority when choosing your social media partner.

Mistake 6: Metrics Missteps

Not Choosing a Data-Driven Philippine Social Media Agency

AJ Marketing - Philippine Social Media Agency : 7 Mistakes to Avoid - 6

Ever tried navigating a new city without a map or GPS? It's easy to get lost, right? The same goes for social media marketing. Without data and analytics, you're flying blind, unable to measure the success of your campaigns or make informed decisions.

Choosing a social media agency that isn't data-driven is like embarking on a journey without a roadmap. To ensure your social media efforts stay on course, partner with an agency that prioritizes data and analytics, helps you identify key performance indicators (KPIs), and provides regular, transparent reports. By doing so, you'll gain valuable insights, optimize your campaigns, and steer your brand towards success in the bustling world of Philippine social media.

Mistake 7: Fumbling the Follow-Up

Choosing an Agency with Incompatible Communication Styles

AJ Marketing - Philippine Social Media Agency : 7 Mistakes to Avoid - 7

Try to dance the tango with a partner who only knows how to waltz—it's bound to end in a few missteps. When partnering with a social media agency, having compatible communication styles is key to ensuring a harmonious working relationship. If you choose an agency with an incompatible communication style, you risk misunderstandings, missed deadlines, and a lack of synergy.

Before committing to a partnership, discuss your communication preferences, establish clear expectations, and ensure both parties are on the same wavelength. Filipinos tend to be very formal and corporate in their communication style, so if you’re more lax and casual, you might wanna choose a social media agency more adjusted to Western company cultures.

By finding an agency that matches your communication style, you'll glide through your social media journey in perfect harmony, and together, create a masterpiece of digital marketing success.


Navigating the dynamic world of Philippines social media marketing can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. By avoiding these seven common mistakes—failing to identify your target market, partnering with a one-platform agency, neglecting the importance of young Filipino marketers, overlooking video content, underestimating the power of influencer networks, ignoring data-driven strategies, and choosing an agency with incompatible communication styles—you'll be well on your way to achieving digital marketing success.


Remember to choose the right agency, foster a strong partnership, and keep your goals in focus. With the perfect blend of strategy, creativity, and adaptability, your brand can thrive in the bustling landscape of Philippine social media.

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