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Top 10 Most Epic Advertising Campaigns in Asia

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Most Epic Advertising Campaigns in Asia

Have you ever seen an advertising campaign in Asia that just blew you away? In this part of the world, it's not just about selling products, but creating real value for customers. A truly epic ad campaign needs to grab the attention of your target audience with a captivating story, stunning visuals, and interactive elements. This way, you'll increase brand awareness and stand out from the crowd. Want to know the secrets to making your campaign unforgettable in Asia? Keep reading!

Video advertising is a huge trend in Asia right now. By showing short, engaging videos online, you can effectively promote your product. Some of the best social media platforms where this trend is seen include TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In fact, video ad spending has been on the rise since 2017 and is expected to reach 3.36 billion US dollars by 2026.

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Most Epic Advertising Campaigns in Asia - VIDEO AD SPENDING IN ASIA 2017 TO 2026

In Asia, marketing and advertising is all about being creative and innovative. From co-branding campaigns and product creation to nostalgic ads and influencer marketing, the competition is tough. To succeed in the Asian market, you need to come up with a standout strategy. That's why we've compiled a list of the top 10 advertising campaigns from across China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Qatar for your inspiration. Check it out!

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Most Epic Advertising Campaigns in Asia - CONNECT

10 Most Epic Advertising Campaigns in Asia ⬇️

1. Coca-Cola China - Share A Coke

Have you heard of the Share a Coke campaign by Coca-Cola? It's been a huge hit in 80 countries, and in 2017, Coca-Cola China took it to the next level. This campaign was specifically targeted towards the younger generations in China, and they knocked it out of the park.

In the past, Coca-Cola had used nicknames, movie quotes, and song lyrics on their packaging. But for this campaign, they went the extra mile and used communication codes that the younger generation in China was using. They came up with 35 different bottle designs featuring a mix of emoticons, numbers, and emojis - like "512" for "I love you" and "88" for "good luck".

And that's not all. Coca-Cola China also created two films to support the campaign, which were later shown on TV and digital platforms.

This campaign is the epitome of research-based advertising. Coca-Cola China really took the time to understand their target audience and what mattered to them. They discovered that teens in China had developed their own code language, and used that to create a truly personalized campaign that spoke directly to their consumers.

2. McDonald's - Singapore

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, McDonald's Singapore is promoting their Prosperity Burger in a heartwarming way. The Prosperity Burger is a popular dish during the festive season in countries like Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The advertisement tells a story of a young woman living abroad, who can't be with her family during the Chinese New Year. She's feeling lonely, but then her family video calls her so they can all eat the Prosperity Burger together. It's a touching story that hits home for many overseas workers and students.

The ad is relatable and comforting, making it seem like McDonald's really understands the struggles of everyday people in Singapore. And let's be real - who hasn't had a virtual dinner with family over a smartphone screen? This ad was a real success in capturing the spirit of the holiday season.

3. Alibaba Group

"Small actions, big impact" - that's the message Alibaba Group wants to share with the world through their first global ad campaign "To the Greatness of Small". Launched before the thrilling 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, this campaign aimed to inspire and show how even the smallest of actions can make a huge difference.

Imagine three heartwarming commercials that bring to life the power of small moments. From the little acts of kindness that can touch millions, to how underdogs can rise to become legends, each commercial was crafted to showcase Alibaba's core value of empowering small businesses to succeed on the global stage.

With a message that's both emotional and inspiring, it's no wonder the "To the Greatness of Small" campaign was a huge hit! By highlighting their support for their customers' dreams, Alibaba communicated that they're more than just a company focused on profits. They truly believe in the greatness of small, and want to help bring it to life.

4. TNB CNY - Malaysia

"Tradition over technology" - that's the message TNB, Malaysia's leading electricity company, wants to spread this Chinese New Year. Partnering with the creative masterminds at Reprise Digital, TNB launched the touching ad "Reality Not Virtual".

Meet Bryan, the star of the show. When he can't go home to celebrate the holidays with his loved ones, Bryan's mother sends him a VR set as a care package. But as the ad unfolds, Bryan realizes that the true spirit of celebration lies in coming together with family and friends.

This ad is a beautiful blend of Asian culture and cutting-edge technology. The executive creative director of Reprise wanted to remind us that while technology may be a big part of our lives, it should never come between us and the people who matter the most. So, put down the VR headset and embrace the reality of spending time with the ones you love.

5. Gojek - Indonesia

GOJEK, Indonesia's start-up giant, knows how to make an impact, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. That's why they created the "Seek Blessings" campaign, also known as "Cari Pahala" in Indonesia.

With a touching commercial, eye-catching OOH billboards in 16 prime locations in Jakarta, a heartwarming short movie, and powerful social media content, GOJEK showed their support for their consumers and employees as they strive to do good deeds during Ramadan.

This campaign radiates simplicity and sincerity, making a real connection with GOJEK's customers. Its success lies in its localization, touching on the themes of Ramadan and family, and showcasing the brand's philosophy of making a positive impact.

6. Julie's Biscuits - Malaysia

Get ready to laugh with Julie's Biscuits Malaysia this Hari Raya (Eid al-Fitr)! Their advertisement "Ini Iklan Raya, Tau!" went viral for its smart and humorous take on stereotypical Hari Raya ads.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the production of these ads as the ad takes a jab at the all-too-familiar themes - a mother worrying about her daughter's single status, a woman stuck in the kitchen, and a mother in a village missing her city-dwelling children. It's a humorous critique of how the media often portrays women in Hari Raya ads.

But the real kicker comes when the actresses themselves voice their frustrations with these tired stereotypes, showing that women are more than just props in these ads. They're empowered and breaking free from these cliches!

With its clever localization and humor, Julie's Biscuits hits the mark with their Malaysian audiences. The ad has already reached over 3.5 million views on YouTube and counting! Get ready to celebrate Hari Raya with a smile and a biscuit in hand.

7. Facebook - India

In 2021, Facebook India brought people together with their "More Together" campaign. This campaign showcased Facebook as the social network that connects us all and highlights the power of our connections.

From a series of heartwarming videos on YouTube to the digital campaign #FBPePoocho, Facebook encouraged its users to share their own stories of finding support and solutions through their connections on the platform.

The campaign was a huge success thanks to its resonance with India's collectivist culture. With more than 100 million total views on YouTube, Facebook's message of coming together and finding solutions through our connections truly resonated with people. So why not join in and share your own story of connection on Facebook today?

8. Jollibee - Philippines

Jollibee, the Philippines' top fast-food chain, knows how to make their customers smile without breaking the bank. That's why they created a creative video ad to showcase their JolliSavers value meal.

The ad follows a woman trying a high-priced anti-aging cream at a beauty store. The cream works wonders, but the cost is just too steep. Rather than splurging on the expensive cream, she heads to Jollibee to get a meal that brings a smile to her face and won't empty her pockets.

Jollibee's message is clear: happiness doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. In a country where budget-consciousness is a top priority, this campaign really resonated with the Philippines' consumers, who want to get the most value for every cent they spend.

9. Ooredo - Qatar

Ooredoo's Ramadan campaign was one for the books! They launched "The Life of the Internet" - an animated ad that went viral across the Middle East, South East Asia, and North Africa.

In the ad, they explore how every creation and innovation has the potential for good but ultimately, it's up to us how we use it. And just like the internet - it can be a platform for both false information and cyberbullying. But, with Ooredoo's guidance, they encourage consumers to use the internet for good and show how the internet is a reflection of society, like a child we've raised and shaped.

But, what sets this campaign apart is the innovative format. Instead of the traditional methods, Ooredoo went the extra mile to create an animated ad that not only delivered their message but inspired the younger generation to do good in the internet world.

10. OPPO - Malaysia

Looking to spread love and joy during Raya 2021, OPPO Malaysia brought the heartwarming story of "Kasih dari Hati" to life. This touching ad captures the universal feeling of missing loved ones and explores how technology can bring us closer, even from a distance.

Centered around a loving daughter and her tech-savvy father, the campaign brings a touch of humor as she gifts him the latest OPPO Reno5 and other OPPO IoT products. With its playful approach, the ad showcases how OPPO technology can help families stay connected and support each other, no matter the miles between them.

To add to the celebration, the campaign also featured an official "Kasih Dari Hati" song and an Instagram AR filter, making it a truly immersive experience. By tapping into the spirit of Raya and the importance of family in the local culture, OPPO hit the mark with this heartwarming campaign that touched the hearts of many.


With its rich culture, Asia is a treasure trove of opportunities for brands looking to launch impactful advertising campaigns. To succeed, brands must embrace localization, taking into account local languages, consumer habits, and the latest trends, especially during festive periods.

The brands we've highlighted in this article have taken bold creative risks, elevating Asian culture to new heights. They've captured hearts and minds with their clever, emotional, and humorous approach, leaving a lasting impression on their audiences.

So there you have it, folks! Our tips and insights to help you craft the most epic marketing campaign of all time. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, we wish you all the best on your journey and hope to see you making waves in Asia soon!

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